How to write a good daily blog post quickly

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How to write a good daily blog post quickly

How to write a good daily blog post quickly

Are you someone like myself who is still relatively new to creating online content, specifically blogging and looking to improve your speed and quality?

or Have you been a blogger for a while and just struggling to be consistent and looking for guidance to help and inspire you to get back to blogging daily?

Well, if you said yes to any of those questions, I can totally relate and this blog post is for you. I've just recently started blogging and frankly, it's been taking longer than I would have thought to get my daily blog posts done. Furthermore, I've just entered this daily blog post challenge and so I figured to research and find a way, a better way that I could happily meet my commitment, particularly over the coming holiday season that is sure to have all sorts of distractions.

So, I've done that research and implemented and or in the process of implementing all of these tips that I will share with you.  I feel time is our most valuable asset so I thought to myself, I'm sure there are others out there just like me who feel liking saying "Argh...2 hours have past and I'm still not done this blog post..freak, I've got to get this done so I can move on to the 10 thousand other things to do on my to do list :-)". 

So here's what I have found that is working for me and helping me to feel happier while I blog and stay committed to my goals. Now, it may or may not be your style so take what works for you and throw out whatever doesn't. I hope however, that one or two of my tips resonates, saves you time and also improves your experience of conquering your daily blogging goal.

1) The first and key thing- Decide! 

How to write a good daily blog post quickly -DECIDE

I know this might sound cheesy and possible you have heard it somewhere yet literally this is critical step. You have to decide that you are going to do it "fullstop". Once you decide, you will find the time in your day to get it done, the excuses will disappear and you will instead focus on how and when you get what you decided to do...DONE!

2) Create a plan

How to write a good daily blog post quickly -PLAN

The picture says it all. To be able to blog daily, you really need to have a plan. I find spending a little time on the Sunday to write out a couple of topics and a schedule for my week on what and when I will blog makes the week go so much easier.

Here are the key tips to make your planning effective:

1)When choosing a topic, choose a topic that interests you and or that you are passionate about. Your readers will sense your enthusiasm in your writing plus when you are really interested or passionate about something, you are more careful to really produce something of value. I actually jot down ideas in a note on my Iphone throughout the week. Then on Sunday, when I'm planning for the week ahead, I review those notes as I plan.

2)Research and check your facts - really think about and understand your potential readers and research what they are interested in learning to see if there is a great cross section between what you are passionate about and what they are interested in reading. Google Adwords and other key word tools are great. Also masterminding with other bloggers through groups on Facebook or the likes is also valuable.

3)For each topic, write out an intention and a basic outline. What is your intention in writing a blog on this topic and given this intention what are the key points that you want to share. Generally an outline should have an introduction, supporting points and a conclusion

4)Choose an attention grabbing headline- consider the keywords you want to include in your heading. I find including a benefit in the headline, ie what the reader is going to get from reading your blog post, is very valuable.

5)Look at your daily calendar and book appointments with yourself when you will be writing your blogs. Have you ever heard that saying, "What get's scheduled, get's done!"? Well, it's true, when you look ahead and actually set aside time daily to get what you need done, then you are much more likely to get it completed.

Okay, now you have planned, time to EXECUTE. Here's whats working for me

1)Keep to your schedule! If you set a schedule keep to it unless something drastic happens then ensure to reschedule within that same day so the task gets done. Decide and commit to honouring your word and getting your blog post done.

2)When you are writing, focus! Turn off all other distractions. Turn your phone off. Maximize the one window on your screen and start writing.

3)Don't try to make your first copy perfect, get your ideas down first and then go through, read and edit. Sometimes even just putting a few sentences under each point works well. Then focus on the ones that you can really flesh out first, coming back to those hard ones last. Possibly doing some research and then fleshing those out at the same time, works really well for me.

4) Try to keep your sentences and paragraphs short. It has been shown that people tend to scan through articles and if there are paragraphs more than 8 lines long, they may refrain from reading them so get in the habit of keeping your paragraphs 8 lines or under. I'm still working on keeping my sentences short :-).

5) Time yourself. You know that saying "time is money"? Well, I disagree, time is not money, time is everything. So valuable so really be conscious of your time. I literally now time myself and if I find one piece of my blog is taking me way too long to complete. I ask myself to get really clear on a)does this really need to be included? NO: Delete, YES: What are the top two points that I want to share? Okay, get those down and then move on.

How to write a good daily blog post quickly - TIME

Specifically in timing myself, estimate how much time you want to invest in the post. Some will take longer than others. Subtract the last 15 to 20 mins off the total allocated time. Set your timer for the reduced time and then the other15 to 20 mins to reread, check grammer, add pictures and clean up the blog.

6)Recognize and accept that it's not going to be perfect. It's only with practice we get better so allow yourself to get the practice and accept that even after several blog posts there will still be ways that you can improve. Life is journey not a destination.

7) Use that 15-20 mins after the fact to check grammar, re read your blog post aloud and add pictures and highlight or bold words or phrases as needed. Adding pictures makes a blog post more visually appealling and easier to read. It can also emphasize a point, making it memorable to your reader.

8)Lastly: Publish the blog! Hit go at the end and get your blog post visible. If you are a "perfectionist" this may be tough and you may have to set aside time to come back in a couple of days and review and do some other corrections or changes yet I feel it's much better to have the content available for people to benefit from especially when you are just starting off and not getting much views. The practice of writing a different daily blog is much more valuable than refining and perfecting one blog.

Some other tips that will help your blog to stand out and really deliver value to your readers.

How to write a good daily blog post quickly - STAND OUT

1) Tell your story! Everyone has a story and people like to read people's post who are genuine and honestly sharing their story. Don't hide your story and don't try to be something that you are not. Write from where you are.

2)Share how you feel! When you share your feelings in a blog post, you are connecting with your readers at a different level so go there. So when you share your story, share how you were feeling or when you are doing a blog post about a particular subject you are passionate say why. Maybe it was because of an incident in your childhood that you remember with joy or conversing a painful experience that made this topic very important for you to share to help others avoid that pain.

3) Mix up the length of your posts. Have several topics available from you list some that are length and some that are short so on those days that really go awary. You can pick a blog topic that will be a short blog and still get it done. Regardless of what length your post is always focus on informing, inspiring and interacting with your reader.

4)Finally, how to or list posts are very popular. People love to learn how to do something or get a top X number list of things to review.

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you found some value in this guide and these tips that I shared.

Remember, commit, plan well and then execute and allow yourself to share from where you are at and recognize it won't ever be perfect. I welcome your comments or tips on things that you find are working for you on "How to write a good daily blog post quickly".

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