Computers Extinct Human Intelligence 1/2

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One of the possible challenges many human beings may face in the workplace, in terms of productivity, is human intelligence v artificial intelligence. We are living in a technological age that is increasingly being led by artificial intelligence; put simply, jobs that were usually completed by human intelligence are being developed and performed by computer systems. So, for many people, it is about making decisions not from where you are currently positioned in the workforce, but where you want to be. Whatever position you hold, it is important to take your current circumstances seriously by forward-thinking. This may for some, of course, call for a massive shift in mindset otherwise there is a danger that you may get left behind!  

The importance of being 'one step ahead' 

undefinedA really good example of this preparedness and shift in mindset was symbolic in the movie 'Hidden Figures' which not only explicitly covers race, discrimination, and achievement; but implicit to the story were the 'silent messages'. The strongest one, in our opinion, is the importance of being 'one step ahead' of the 'rat-race'. 'Hidden Figures' is based on a true story about three highly intelligent women for their generation. Taraji P Henson acted the role of Katherine Johnson, who had amazing human intelligence, her computer mind promoted her to a role in the NASA Space Task Group that was responsible for sending astronaut, John Glen into orbit; Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughan, supervised a team of women at the West Computing Building (although she was denied the title of supervisor and the rate of pay.) Janelle Monae as Mary Jackson, who lobbied a judge so that she could attend night classes at a segregated school to further her ambition to be the first black female engineer for NASA. 

The advancement of computer technology

The advancement of computer technology was evolving so much so that it was moving toward the end of an era for the human intelligence at NASA's 'West Computing Building'. What was beautiful was that Dorothy Vaughan's had a prepared mindset. She took the necessary steps to upskill herself by studying computing in her own time. She needed to master the new computer systems that would have potentially out-dated her and the services of her team. Dorothy quietly retrained and taught her team to master the future technological demands ahead of time. She left no one behind. 

Computers scheduled to extinguish human intelligence

In the face of adversity, Dorothy was proactive; she knew that redundancies were imminent because computers were scheduled to extinguish human intelligence. Her timing was crucial...the clock was ticking. Even though her team of 'human computers' were extremely skilled and could calculate numbers to launch rockets and send astronauts into space that didn't matter anymore. The thinking of the time had changed. 

Set the path for a new generation

Dorothy Vaughan successfully supported and set the path for a new generation of computer literate women within her team because she was solution focused. No matter how good you are at your job or business...think ahead, plan forward and make sure you don't get left behind!


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