Lessons Learnt From Rich Dad Poor Dad

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Are you feeling stuck in the 9-5 grind, and looking for a different way to leverage? 

Or are you still in the state of mind of playing it safe and climbing the corporate ladder by being hired to achieve some one else' s dream? 

Are you postponing living your dream lifestyle of freedom and abundance until afer you retire? 

I woulld like to suggest to you to keep an open mind and consider taking a risk of starting your own online business even if you have no previous knowledge in the digital economy. 

do not tell me you are to old because I have people in my community in their sixties and have started their online business from scratch and are making a huge success. 

Rich dad poor dad is a book written by Robert Kiyosaki where he tells his story growing up and getting advice from hid poor highly educated ( biological father) and his rich father.

Personally I grew up in a family where money is an issue, spending it takes alot of planning , parents believed in taking the safer option and work for some one else, and collect the crumbs at the end of the month. we are just not cut out to be entrepreneurs and business owners. 

after having my own family and worked as a teacher for quite a few years, i just couldn't take the scarcity i was in. the only way to make an income is to go and spend my time at work even if I hated my job. but I had to because it is the only way to make money.  I just could not take it any more . I had to Unstuck Myself thought there must be better way to leverage. as humans we have come a long way in technology and problem solving. 

i had to break out of the cycle , the first thing I did was get some education on what this is all about, so I bought the book Rich dad Poor Dad. to my surprise it was one of the best things I read in a long time . It just reassured me that my thoughts of wanting to get out of the box of the corporate world was totally correct. 

Any way, I am going to stop talking about myself and get to the point. I will share a few of the lessons I personally learnt from Reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. you will notice that they all address the state of mind we are in that leads us to be living in abundance or scarcity.

Rich dad Poor dad is a book written by Robert Kiyosaki where he shares his story growing up and getting money advice from his highly educated poor (biological ) father and his rich father who has not passed the eighth grade. 

you see the point is not to undermine education, actually on the contrary , one of my favorite quotes of Robert Kiyosaki is 

Education is more valuable than money in the long run 

so the lessons are :

  1. The Poor work for money but the rich do not; sounds strange does it? well the Poortarde their time for money so the longer hours they work the more money they can generate. but the rich think differantly they generate money from jobs to start with but then instead of spending it all on liabilities like a new car which will loose value as soon as you start using it, instaed they invest their money in asstes which in turn will generate them a passive income .
  2. Invest in your financial education, the most important lesson we need to learn in handeling money is to be able to make money keep it and manage it. such Education is not offered in our educational curriculum anywhere on earth. wealth is not all about how much money you make, rather it is about how do you manage that money. you see many people who win the lottery go back to square one in a couple of years because they just have not invested in their money but actually spent it on liabilities which are income depleting and not income generating. 
  3. Take care of your business. employees being  poor or middle class, they work for others, their companies, the bank ( loans and credit card repayments ) or the government in the form of taxes. instead of increasing their income by investing in assets that grows their asste column. 
  4. ths is my favorite. and it was the number one reason I decided I must start my own business and quit my job. you see as business owner you get to earn the money then spend on what you want  invest on growing your business and assets and then pay taxes. the poor and middle class on the other side work, earn the income , pay taxes then spend the what is left. 
  5. work to learn not to earn. this was very big for me, as always you would choose the job that pays more than the job that teaches you and puts you a place where you can build your network. always choose to invest in learning and growing your business skills even if it meant getting paid less, because it will pay you in the long run. investing you time in the marketing department where you get paid less than if you worked in the finances, is probably a smarter choice for the long term because in the marketing department you will first hand how to market products which you will definitely need to make a success of your business. 

 so stop being a spender and start becoming an investor 

i hope you found value in my article and get the courage to think outside the box nd consider starting your own online business, you cn always start as an affiliate marketer, then join the eCommerce and start leveraging the digital world for your own freedom and abundance. 

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create a blessed day 

Fatma Zubia

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