The No.1 Tool You Need To Succeed

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Listening to a podcast recently, T Harv Eker was being interviewed about what inspired his book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind". He spoke of what drove him to success. I have taken his advise and implemented in my own life and my own buisnesses. Here I'm going to share with you these things that you too can begin to implement to reach success in your life.

Success v's Failure

Successful people often have many failures in life before they achieve success. One common trait is that failure does not stop them. I love this saying from Guy Ferdman:

"The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the ability to stay in the state of no results for longer"


T Harv Eker was broke for over a decade. He failed at 12 businesses before he found success. Many nights he had to choose between $5 for gas or $5 for food. Going to bed hungry was not unusual for him. As Thomas Edison once said:

“I did not fail, I just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work”

The Wrong Circumstances

After 12 failed attempts at building businesses, Harv started to become mind boggled as to why people around him were becoming successful and he wasn’t. He blamed it on having the wrong partner or for being in the wrong city, there was always something wrong.

His friend approached him with a business opportunity from which he himself was earning $20k a month. Harv could see the potential in it so decided to go for it himself. 6 months later his friend who had started from nothing was a millionaire. Harv was broke.

The Wrong You

It was at this point where Harv realised what was happening. He was looking at the external circumstances instead of looking at himself.

“It’s not just the race car that wins the race, it’s the driver too, maybe I’m not a very good driver"

This is when it all changed for Harv, he began to work on himself, he worked on every aspect of himself and did it heavily.

  • His Habits
  • His Character
  • His Productivity
  • His Mindset

Broke to Millionaire

2 ½ years later, Harv was a millionaire. He then began to analyse what he was doing differently now to what he was doing differently for all those years. This is when he came up with his formulas for success and put together the book the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Along with being in the right businss at the right time, he also suggests that you have to have the right knowledge. Most importantly you have to have the right "you". All three need to be in place in order for you succeed.

Triangle of Success


  • The right vehicle meaning the right business at the right time, a business that is in demand right now.
  • The right knowledge meaning you must have generalised business knowledge. This includes administration, marketing and finance.
  • The right you meaning having the right mindset. This is the most important factor of all.
The right you is at the root of all of this. You can have the right vehicle and the right knowledge but if you dont have the right you then nothing works.

In order to be successful you need the right mindset. This entails having the right attitide and having the right beliefs about yourslf and your capabilities. If you do not believe in yourself, then you will not suceed. If you do not believe you have the capailities, you will not succeed.

Just like Harv, you may hav the perfect business opportunity and all the business knowledge in the world but if you do not believe in yourself then you will inevitably sabboatge your efforts along the way.

Challenging old belief systems has been the hardest and most rewarding thing I've ever done. But every step is a step closer to the life and success that I want. I hope this inspires you to make those changes in your life. Take action today, your success awaits your awakening.

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