Our career is a happy life

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Do not decide on a career that others think is good for you, for a career, because it is a family tradition or for better earning.

We are multifaceted beings and we can not do the same thing, over and over, again and again. Our main purpose is to enjoy complete freedom and to spread and grow in the search for joyful experiences. Without proper perception of freedom, we can never be joyful, and without joy we can not experience true growth or expansion. Of course, our life is always inspiring with a new adventure.

Our main purpose and reason for existence is a happy life by the end of our days.

It is a very good career choice: to choose those activities and to accept those desires that are in harmony with our main purposes, namely freedom, growth and joy.

Let your "career" be a happy life, instead of looking for a job. When the most important thing for us is our happiness, and when we are doing what we are doing, it makes us happy - we live the best of all combinations of life.

You will know the delicate feeling of freedom only when you give up your desire, please others, and replace it with a strong intention to reconcile yourself with this real-you (with the Source) so that your well-being will be important and you will choose friendly thoughts that are a sign of consistency.

Our mission is not to overcome the sense of lack in others; our job is to take care of our own balance. When you allow a company or someone else to dictate what you should do or how to behave, you lose your balance because you challenge your own sense of freedom that is the foundation of our lives. When you become alert to your well-being and practice the fascinating thoughts that will harmonize you with this real-you, you will be an example of success, and you will benefit greatly from those who will have the opportunity to observe.

You can not become poor enough to help poor people succeed, or sick enough to help sick people get better. You can always indulge others only when you are strong, clear, and coordinated.

Our life is not what happens after work, on weekends or in retirement. Our life is happening now and it is truly a reflection of our present well-being. If your work seems not satisfying and uncomfortable, you do not feel it because you would be in the wrong place, but because your view is obscured by an undefiled thought.

An uncomfortable journey can not have a happy ending. The goal in no way justifies the means and the way. What is the way in which you walk, that is how your goal be.

We would not have a desire, if we were not able to realize it. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Enjoy your life, Martina

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