Program Yourself and Get What You Want! Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

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Program Yourself and Get What You Want!
Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

Cybernetics is a Greek term meaning ‘a helmsman who steers his ship to port’. Apply this to personal development and the ship is your mind and the port is peace of mind. If you have read any Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy or Zig Ziglar, then you have an understanding of what I am about to discuss in today's blog. We are what we think; and these men base their techniques on this principal.

It’s me, Christy, with the Lifestyle Creators Team. Super excited about the changes that can happen in you and in your thinking upon watching this video and applying the lessons in Maltz’s book Psycho-Cybernetics. As soon as a human ceases the repetition of carrying and bringing up PAST failures, he/she will BE a success. And how, you ask? In this video Daniel summarizes it by encouraging you to set a desired outcome, visualize yourself already having, doing and accomplishing “it” and not to sit and wait for it to come to you but to GET UP AND DO something towards that success. Yes, anything worth having requires HARD WORK and dedication!!!

So, let’s put this together….. Since our self-image determines what we feel we can and can't achieve, positive thinking cannot work unless it is congruent with our self image. Guess what time it is????

1. Time to take ownership of your self-image because only YOU control your self talk. It is the opinion of yourself that counts.

2. Time to purge your past failures because you can't think positive with negative feelings. Success breeds from learning from failures and having the capacity to rise above so says Maltz.

3. Time to use your imagination constructively since you are a product of it and you own your dreams. As discussed in this week’s blog and video How To Become Successful Fast, visualize yourself where you want to be. Incorporate touch, smell and taste.

4. Time to act creatively by exercising your servo-mechanism. It is by personal choice that you let negative thinking railroad your progress. When a negative feeling surfaces, visualize a big stop sign not allowing it to pass. You will find that with repetition the blockage vanishes leaving you with more room to live in the present with laser focus on your goal. BUST through the mind blocks by, “committing your success mechanism to work subconsciously.”

5. Time to relaaaaaaax!!! Maltz says to, “Program success like a computer in your thinking." By concentrating on past successes you improve your current self-image. NEW FLASH: meditate on it.

I am about to tell you something that may not resonate that well in this “look at me” social media society where magazines and reality shows size us up, however, if you can submit to these simple practices you will raise your consciences!!!!! In the words of Maltz, “Forgive others and yourself. See yourself at your best, a person of confidence. Keep up with yourself, not someone else.” EPIC

Check out Daniel in this video:

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Allow yourself to love yourself. Awesome ✌️

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