Say something to Fuck it and enjoy the life

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Say something to Fuck it now

When you say Fuck it, it discounts the anxiety, with which you hold up - usually something that causes you pain.

When you say Fuck it, you give up the stream of your life - stop doing, what you do not want, and finally start doing, what you have always wanted, stop listening to others and start listening to yourself.

To say Fuck it is viewed as a spiritual act (the highest, in fact), because this is what you surrender, loosen, stop resisting and comfortably settle into the natural stream of life itself (which people also say Tao, God, etc.).

When you say Fuck it, you give up a hard time (in general), relax your longing (mostly) and become fucking happy, that you are, what you are, here and now (with a little luck).

Before we jupm in a pool, the Fuck it wisdom, try it yourself, now. Say something to Fuck it. It can be something small (walk to the refrigerator and eat the hole cake) or something big (walk to that lazy bastard, that you say partner, and tell him he can go away).

Say Fuck it at something ... anything. And feel the freedom and relief that brings. Multiply this by ten, imagine how it would be if you felt like this most of the time, you'll know approximately what you're going to do.

Just something, before I jump – SHOUT OUT together ...                                Fuuuuccckkk iiiiiiiiittt!

From the book Fuck it / John C. Parkin

Life suppose to be fun ;-)                                                                          Thanks for reading, Martina

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