Self-Development For Business Success – But No Time To Read

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You need to work on your self-development to achieve business success, but you just don’t’ have the time to read all those books. Here’s the solution.

Do you remember your days at University as I do, when you had group assignments that were some 20-30 pages long and they got into a lot of detail?  As part of the assignment there was always the executive summary at the beginning of the paper that someone else in the group would write, someone that was good at taking all the detail and condensing all those pages into just a half page to one page summary of the key points.

These days I often find myself just looking for that executive summary, unless of course I need to get into the detail.

Although I enjoy reading, there are many times when I just don’t have the time to read a 300-page motivational, business or personal development book and just want that executive summary. Well I have been introduced into a wonderful tool that does exactly that. This is an online service that will condense summarise or provide the executive summary… Call it what you like, of a book down to just a fraction of the entire book, the salient points, which can be read in a fraction of the time. It’s a bit like skim reading, but actually reading the facts in concise form with no skimming.

That services is a product called Blinkist, which you can discover for yourself by clicking on this link.


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