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I've just read an interesting article reporting about a company in Tokyo Japan, that has just given its non-smoking employees, 6 extra days off to compensate for cigarette breaks.  The new policy was introduced in September and is aimed at compensating for the 15 minutes taken for each cigarette break.

It was believed that cigarette breaks were causing a problem, and so one of the employees wrote a message in the company suggestion box, which was seen by the C.E.O of the company, and he agreed.  This led to the new policy of the extra time off for the non-smoking employees, being put in place.

The company has its office on the 29th floor of an office block, so anyone wanting a cigarette, had to go to the basement, taking around 15 minutes for each trip.  According to the company, the scheme has encouraged at least 4 people to give up smoking.

The C.E.O said that he hopes to encourage employees to give up smoking through incentives, rather than penalties.

Personally, I absolutely despise smoking, so I'm a little biased, but what a marvellous idea.  At the various places that I have worked at, I have heard many people complaining about the amount of time smokers take each day for their cigarette breaks.  So for me to read that article, is a real joy.

For an employee who smokes, to take so much time-off each day, which they are getting paid for, is disrepectful to the non-smokers who do not take that time, and obviously disrespectful to the company also.  After reading some of the comments below the article, this is obviously a global issue, that more companies need to address.

I believe that smoking is a scourge on the human race.  The damage that smoking does, costs us dearly in so many ways.  The other legal activity which I believe is even more damaging than smoking, is drinking alcohol, but maybe I'll leave that issue for another article. 


Thank you for reading!  

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