New Year Goals and Resolutions: Beyond the euphoria

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The year 2018 is now here and many of us have enjoyed the euphoric celebrations of this brand new year, anticipating new opportunities and prospects for a good year.

There is nothing wrong with making new year resolutions and aspiring to have a great life.

The lifeblood of every living human being is the ability to dream, envision and aspire for a better tommorow.

It is for this reason that I love to inspire others to aspire to achieve their great qualitative lives. I believe that If you don't inspire, you expire!

Resolutions for success

I may be stating the obvious here but it has become a universal practice for people all over the world to make resolutions at the beginning of each year. Some people like to draft their resolutions on paper, other on their electronic devices but some prefer not to record or state any specific  resolutions. Personally, I was not in the practice of writing things down as my goals for the year. However, 2017 was a turning point for me and family when we decided to make some goals for that year. Guess what, we achieved more than we had previously done and with little effort, as we were able to keep focussed on what we wanted to achieve. Common resolutions and goals that people make  every year are linked to;

  • Healthy living and Lifestyle changes
  • Better relationships
  • Improved personal finances
  • Business and investments
  • Personal development and habits
  • Career development and education 
  • Spirituality
  • Purpose


Success is intentional

Lasting success and influence is never a trial and error thing; you need to be intentional about it. This is why it is very important to make GOALS in your life. You can break them into long term or short term ones, i.e you can start by stipulating of what you want to achieve or have in 5 years time, 3 years time, a year's time, 6 months time, 3 months or monthly, weekly and daily habit checklists. 

If you have never made any GOAL, start by using the SMART model to manage and track your resolutions/goals for the year. By so doing, your goals will be:

S- Specific i.e the what, when, how, with whom and which resources

M- Measurable i.e tangiblie evidence of what you will see, hear and how you feel upon achieving 

A- Achievable i.e weigh your own capacity and targerts against your other priorities in life

R- Realistic i.e know your personality, resource base, market base, relevance and your skills

T- Timely i.e manage time, deadlines and keep on track. Periodic reviews of targets against time


Is Goal Setting really for me?; I am a 'random person'

I know we are all different in terms of personalities, dispositions, strengths and interests. However, when it comes to personal success and making a lasting difference in your own life and that of others, let me bluntly put it: success has a formula and goal setting, alongside other factors are part of that formula. In this blog, I am just scratching the surface because the aim of this is to talk about resolutions and goals.

In life, there are people who are very structured and who do things by the book, yet there are also other people who do 'hit and miss', 'trial and error' and who identify themselves as 'random persons'. There is a common statement which state that 'failure to plan is planning to fail'.

This year 'Mr or Ms Random person' , please move away from that self sbaotage 'modus operandi' of aimlessly diving into another year and wandering through life. I want you to succeed and I know you also want the same.


First of all, be sincere with yourself and ask yourself these difficult questions;

  • who defines me to be a 'random person', isn't this a self fulfilling prophecy?
  • has that label served me very well over the years, or its another excuse?
  • do want to live like this again and achieve the same results or I can change by learning new approaches?
  • why am I uncomfortable with writing goals down? could it be I don't want to be accountable?
  • Is it fear of failure or it's a self sabotage 'I cant' mentality 

Your Bull's Eye moment


A new year could just be a change of number if the mindset and ways of doing things remain the same. 

Beyond the euphoric declarations and resolutions, we can all use this as an opportnity to start on a clean slate by putting in place actionable plans and goals for the year concerning our health, relationships, finances, businesses and careers etc. Doing things differently, daring to succeed and acting on our goals.

The SMART tool is useful to keep track of your goals, thereby making yourself accountable through streamlining your focus by de-cluttering haphazard thoughts and actions. The year is quite long and there is bound to be emerging thoughts and areas of focus, so it's important to have tools you can use to stay on course to achieve your goals. 

No longer is it safe or profitable to just shoot to the sky hoping to hit a star.

In this digital age, we need to be purposeful and seize the vast opportunities that are present. Make a conscious decision and hit the BULL's EYE! 

Beyond euphoria: My turn around moment 

In 2017, I made a conscious decision to start an online affiliate marketing and digital business with no prior knoledge and skill set. With help from my business mentors, I managed to start my online business by utilising the various tools of everyday goal tracking, alongside the SMART tool and masterminding workshops.

The advantage of starting a similar digital online business model is that it has a training and mentoring package which gives you the opportunity to be supported, be accountable and earning while learning. This year I am now scaling my online business to greater heights, and it is pleasing to note that this all started with a resolution at the beginning of 2017.


I can safely say that it wasn't euphoria and excitement that made the job done; it was determined actions, set goals, following up on plans, getting the right skill set and making myself vulnerable through doing something that was outside my comfort zone.

You too can do it; click below to start your own exciting journey. Remember, 'decisions shape destinies'!

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