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A man of great belief and vision, Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company which manufactured the worlds' first mass-produced car.  I'm going to focus on the aspect of this man that I admire most.

For me, Henry Ford is the greatest example of following your heart and being relentless in making your dream a reality.  This man didn't even finish school, yet he had the belief and the desire to make his visions become a reality for all mankind.

The aspect that I admire most, is the fact that, when Ford was envisioning mass-produced cars, there did not exist any roads for the cars to drive on.  There were only dirt-tracks, mainly used by horse-and-carriage.  Cars did exist at the time, but they were incredibly rare, as they were very expensive and only affordable to the super-rich.  What extraordinary belief he had, to envisage mass-producing cars, affordable to the general public.

For a man who didn't finish his academic schooling, Henry Ford became one of the richest men in modern times.  More importantly, he made an incredible impact on mankind, and left a legacy for all to admire.

Henry Ford's story, is a wonderful example of believing in yourself.  You have what it takes to achieve whatever it is that you want, and become the person that you want to be.  You have greatness inside of you.  It is your time to shine your glorious light for all to see.

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