The not-so-secret law of attraction

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Everyone who is anyone reads about the law of attraction and they have all seemed to have read the book or watched the film 'The Secret'. I am admittedly one of those people. I consumed all aspects of 'The Secret' hoping that there would be something intricate in it. I assumed there was actually a secret within it. I expected a law that I had previously missed it in life. I welcomed a challenge in the way I saw things and felt I could perhaps take what I wanted from it.

It depends what you want in life. The message was clear. Ask, believe then receive. It was as if there was a universal conspiracy in your favour and if the universe is you, without the ego but a connection with the higher subconciousness, any creation was possible. True to the fact that many of the richest had somehow followed this method to manifest their wealth and had become all of a sudden 'lucky'. They believed they were meant to be there, in a state of wealth, despite the fact that they were in a state of debt to start with. The fundamental principle was gratitude for what you already have, unwavering faith that your belief is real and your visualisation of the feeling that makes you happy. Where is the secret in that? You attract what you pursue and 'feel good ' as if you already have what you want. The work you have to do on yourself comes when you have to consciously decide what is desirable and undesirable to you. Without a wise decision, not only can you place your life in knots but you allow yourself to circum to self-imposed barriers. Examples include lack of worthiness, that what you want is too big for you to be able to obtain and whether what you want will give you ultimate happiness. 

The book points out that you only have a limited lifespan, which again is no mystery and since time is not linear, projecting a visual of your future will somehow change your present and things will start happening in the right direction. As far as I am concerned the mistakes of the past hold lessons on how to do things and how not to do things. As far as trial and error are concerned, there is a probability that carrying out the same activity doesn't always give you the same outcome. You could be amazing and brilliant one time or many times but just once, change a small aspect of your life only to suffer massive reprecussions and ripples. 

The fundamental principle here is your true intention. If our intention is to walk on the moon or beat the sound barrier, something happens to make us collectively achieve it. If our intention is to be the best at our job or be a fantastic parent or spouse, we find ways to do it. If you want more time on your hands to actually begin to enjoy life instead of feeling stuck in a life that revolves around just work and making ends meet, there is a method around this. What is it that you want to attract in life? Think about the positives that you already have and be grateful for them. Really enjoy them to a heighened sense. Feel the enjoyment of them and sense them. 

As for the things you want, are we just pretending we have them already? Is this book just telling us to fool ourselves into self-delusionment? It would be if we took no action. The Secret says leave it to the universe and it will eventually happen. I say we take action and don't leave it to chance. Taking action and conducting activities that make us closer to our goals will make it more likely for us to achieve it. Conversely if you are a devote 'Law of Attraction' follower, you could say you are giving the universe a hand in helping it happen for you. Whilst being positive in our intentions does help our outlook, it is not going to get us very far without action.

So the law of attraction helps our mindset and makes us feel as if anything is possible, despite going through situations of adversity and tribulations in life. It can lift you out of a brain fog and help you see more clearly. But you have to take action without regret, doubts or fears and focus purely on success. Looking back on our mistakes can only help us realise our humility and know that being in the 'present' is all we truly have at this precise moment in time. To change our future to fit our present perception we have to take action now. If you want to change your career and be your own boss, because you prefer self accountability, you want to train up now. If a child wants to be a vet, an engineer or a lawyer in future, he or she has to study with intention now. This not only motivates you but diminishes the unrequired outcome or the leaving -it -to -chance element. Now is a good a time as any but in this present moment, where everyone reflects on 2018 and what 2019 will bring, it is essential to take that leap of faith, make a decision and stick with it!

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