HOW TO SERIES - Part 2 - Life's Quest for Clarity of Purpose


How To Find Meaning and Direction in a Changing World

What we all need, even more than feelings of happiness is a clear purpose. As Victor Frankl wrote in his book Man's Search for Meaning 'this fundamental need for purpose and direction may be as important to our psychological growth as eating is to our biological survival.'

I have always found that when I follow my passion, a life force of enquiry, of joy, of striving to create, to learn and do, ignites throughout all aspects of my life. When I am 'on track' I am happy and feel empowered from within. A warmth glows in my Heart feels 'full'. 

My definition of passion is PASS-I-ON....pass on a power from the depth of knowledge within my soul. Hence, to get on purpose and find meaning and direction in a changing world will ignite happiness in your life. Without this connection to purpose, I feel lost and rudderless on the 'seas of confusion and stress'.

   Recently I re-discovered this book called  'The Four Purposes of Life'  by Dan Millman author of The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. 

In his book, Dan clearly guides us to see that finding our path in life IS really the goal of life! He outlines four fundamental purposes in life. These four purposes prepare us and point toward, the ultimate or transcendental awakening promised by all great spiritual traditions.

Four Purposes of Life

The First Purpose - Learning life's lessons

  Earth is a school and daily life is the classroom. We will have good days and bad days, but they are all experiences that help us grow. There are challenges often in areas or relationship, work, finances and our health. The value is what we learn along the way through these experiences.This gives us a depth of knowledge and self - reflection if we are alert in the process.

The Second Purpose - Finding your career and calling

  This highlights the critical importance of self- knowledge and the integration of both logic and intuition in helping us to make the best possible life decisions. Turning out and serving others in the world is a fundamental learning path both personally and spiritually. Ask yourself .. 'How may I be of service?'

The Third Purpose - Discovering your life path

 Here Dan looks at the hidden calling to explore a personal path that is largely elusive and obscure to most people. He explores the challenges you face, the inner power you possess in uncovering the truth of us and our deeper mission we are here to fulfil. 

The Fourth Purpose - Attending to this present moment

  This practice brings the other three purposes into awareness and creative form.It grounds them and makes them real. It is so necessary to be in the present moment that is arising. To be 'down to earth' thus enabling all the others to be integrated with awareness and grace.

Check out Dan Millman's beautiful guidance in exploring these four key purposes that provide meaning and direction in a changing world. The Four Purposes of Life

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