The Traveler's Gift Book Review


Firstly I would like to emphasize that I am not really a reader.  To be honest I cannot remember the last time I picked up a book to read.I was encouraged by my mentors to read The Traveler's Gift written by Andy Andrews.

The First Decision the book talks about is: THE BUCK STOPS HERE!!!     


To accept responsibility for our past we should not succumb to the whole 'Blame game' scenarios. I am the first person to put my hand up to this.  We are where we are today by the decisions we have made due to our thinking.  We need to change the way we think - period!

Our thoughts should always be constructive and never destructive. Do not think about what could have been,  if only this had happened or if only we had not done this etc...Always look forward and never backward.

Surround ourselves with people who are working and striving to bring about positive changes in this world. We should steer away from the naysayers and move towards people that are going to encourage and lift us up higher and higher.   We become the company we keep. Instead of saying WHY ME? try saying WHY NOT ME?


"Its not my fault" they are the words written on the gravestones of unsuccessful people.  Replace the 'thoughts of illness' with 'thoughts of cure'.

So that's my personal review of the first decision written about in The Traveler's Gift.  Having read the book, I feel that I have just woken up after sleepwalking for 30 years!  I am now starting my journey to success.  To find out how I am going to achieve this please click on the link below and start your own journey today.

Kuldip Bahi

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