God's Divine Power in our Life!

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This Divine Power offers a funnel of favor that pours over us and enriches our life. Your body goes to work, but this Divine Power adds another layer of assistance that brings results far beyond your expectations. Maybe you thought you were the wrong person born at the wrong time and that it would never happen for you. But then out of nowhere some kind of intervention came in and you shot ahead of everyone and everything. That is the funnel of favor pouring down on you.

Maybe you're finding yourself in a situation where you are in a down market and everything is crashing all around you. This is when you have to build your faith and realize it does not mater that the market is crashing. It does not matter how bad things look on the outside.

This is where divine intervention has the opportunity to come in and make the impossible possible. And the impossible circumstances of your job, business, kids, or marriage simply will be removed. If you are waiting for some door to open for you or if you feel that your set of circumstances is just never going to change, you are limiting yourself even by just thinking like that.

It's the Divine Power, the Great Designer, God, faithful to all of us who follow the spiritual principles solidly within our hearts. If you have grown close to Him over the years, you have learned about who He really is. He is a loving God who wants us to succeed. Some may see God as all fire and brimstone, but He is there for you and He is filled with grace.

The good news for all of us that that God does not play the game of favorites. He would love to put you in His funnel of favor. He has given me answers when I asked, wisdom when I sought it, help in my time of need, and a safe place in times of uncertainty.

I understand people who do not believe there is a God because I once was there. I was born into a Greek Orthodox family and my mother was very spiritual. Our family attended church and I went to Sunday school for Catechism. My brother was an altar boy.

I lost my faith when my father died. I was 21 years old with a huge college debt. My mother was retired and broke. My parent's "emergency" account was accumulated with a lot of sweat and sacrificies over 20 years. It was used up to save my father from lung cancer. After his death, there was no life insurance payout - just burial fees and medical bills. My mother fell in depression but we (children) didn't know until it was too late to fix it. The doctors prescribed wrong and unecessary medications that caused other health issues, including dementia. Unfortunately, our family spread apart after my father's death, instead of sticking together. This was the beginning of the domino effect for my mother, my brother, and I. We were lost! We went through life without giving any serious consideration to big questions relevant to spirituality (e.g. What does God want from me?).

We have seen many more bad examples than good examples of truth in our society. Turn on the news and you become immediately sad (abandoned children, gun violence, massive shootings, abusive partners, etc.). We should not judge anyone for believing there is not a God when it is because of the lack of good examples. Christians are supposed to be known for our love but we are known for our judgement instead. It is sad that some of the most broken people are Christian, Catholic, Eastern/Western Orthodox, Baptist, or Protestant. The reality is that people hurt people in church, even though church is supposed to be a safe place. For this reason, many Christians, stay away from it. Find a church that makes you feel welcomed. As an example, if a Greek Orthodox church makes me feel akward, I will find another Greek Orthodox Church. If there is no Greek Orthodox church in my area, I will look for another Orthodox Church (e.g. Russian), even though I am not Russian.

I have found that most pastors have never read the Bible cover-to-cover and yet are teaching people something about which they know very little. In their defense, some Bible schools and seminaries do not require that they do read the whole Bible, however they are required to read commentaries. This is a tragedy. They are being robbed, as well as those they lead. I do not think this is true for priests in the Greek Orthodox churches but I may be wrong. However, don't be afraid to ask. You should feel comfortable to talk to your priest or pastor (also known as spiritual mentor).

Jesus said to the blind man, "Your faith has healed you." Note that He did not say, "I have healed you." When we fully understand how He operates we understand His grace, mercy, and correction. God loves to see us do well in our life's journey, and He gave us an owner's manual called the Bible*.

Life can seem unfair, but God is not. He does the right things at the right times, when you are ready. The difficulties are like storms ... the same way that arrive, they leave. Do not miss the Hope. Believe until the end. 

Below is a short introduction to the Orthodox view of the Bible or the full title of the book "Interpreting the Bible the Orthodox Way: Learning to See the Bible with the Mind of the Spirit." In this short and brief book, it refers to the Eastern Orthodox churches. The Greek Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church are the two most prominent. The author, Fr. John A. Peck, is a member of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). To a Protestant or secular Western outsider, many Orthodox practices look broadly similar to those of the Catholic Church. Overall, this is actually a quite good “introduction 101” to the Eastern Orthodox view of the Bible. The individual believer can't interpret the Bible for him/herself, nor is there a “plain” meaning in the Scriptures obvious to everyone (at least not in the Protestant sense). The Bible is to be interpreted through Church tradition, and can ultimately only be approached through participation in the Church's rituals. However, if you don't mind reading a thicker book and be blown away, I recommend this author, Bishop Kallistos Ware


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