Two Thousand and Eighty-Four - A prophetic insight into humanity’s future.

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Since George Orwell wrote his epic and iconic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, many of his prophecies have become our reality. Big Brother is watching us!

Two Thousand and Eighty-Four takes us on a journey into the unseen and often dark side of our world. Our perception of reality is and always has been manipulated to benefit the dark forces that control and feed off us and, as we awaken from our stupor, we will begin to understand who we are and where we are going.

The author invites you, the reader, to interact with the narrative as this novel unfolds. You are invited to contribute and comment on the story and help shape the direction of this tale. Just use the comments box to add your thoughts which will be duly considered and incorporated in each chapter.

Finally, thank you for joining us on this unusual experiment and above all, have fun with it. Our lives are often cluttered with the necessities of survival leaving us little time for deep thought and questioning, this is deliberate. Don’t think, just do!

“We love you and we are coming”


Two Thousand and Eighty-Four 

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