What it means to be really rich

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What it means to be really rich

Churches, religions, organized sects - teach you to pray. In reality, they disable you to pray, becouse prayer is something spontaneous, which can not be learned. If they learned your prayers in your childhood, they were deprived you for the wonderful experiences that you could experience. Prayer is a spontaneous phenomenon.

I tell you the story I love. Lev Tolstoj wrote a short story: in some area of ​​ancient Russia there was a lake that was famous becouse of three saints. It aroused the interest of the all countrie. Thousands of people, including journalists, were came to the lake to see those three saints.

The chief of the church became afraid: what's going on? He has never heard of those "saints". The Church did not confirm them - who declared them to be saints? Christianity awarded certificates - this is one of the most stupid things: "This man is a saint." As if they could turn a human with a certificate to a saint!

But people were crazy and often came a news that miracles were happening, so the priest decided to visit the venue, to find out what was happening there. He went to the island with the boat, where the three poor people lived - they were only poor, but very happy - because there is only one form of poverty, and this is the poverty of the heart that can not love. They were poor, but rich, richest, which could be found.

They sat down joyfully under the tree, laughed and enjoyed. When they saw the priest, they bowed, than he said, "What are you doing here? It is said that you are great saints. You know how to pray? " When the priest saw these three men, he immediately realized that they were uneducated and a little pricked out - happy, but foolish.

The men looked at each other and said, "Excuse me, sir, we do not know the true prayer that was approved by the church because we are uneducated. But we have created our own prayer - it is made at home. If we do not offend you, we can disclose it to you. "

The priest said: "Yes, reveal it to me. Tell me your prayer. "They said:" We tried and succumbed, but we are not great thinkers, we are stupid, uneducated villagers. Then we decided to simply pray. In Christianity, God is in three: Heavenly Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We are also three. That is why we decided to pray: "You are three, we are three, have mercy on us. 'This is our prayer:' We are three, you are three, have mercy on us. '"

The priest was very angry, almost furious. He replied: "What nonsense! I have never heard such a prayer. Stop it! You can not be saints. You're simply stupid. "They knelt before him and said," Teach us real, genuine prayers. "

And then, he uncovered a prayer that was approved by the Russian Orthodox Church. It was long, complicated, with mighty, bombastic words. The three men looked at each other - they seemed impossible, the doors of the heavens were closed to them. They said, "Please tell us again, because it's long, and we are uneducated." He repeated it. They replied: "Once again, sir, for we will forget and something will go wrong." So he told them again. They warmly thanked him, and he felt very good, because he had done a good job and brought three fools back to the church.

He went with his boat. He could not believe his eyes in the middle of the lake - those three, those stupid people, ran on the water surface! They said, "Wait ... Once again ... We forgot!"

That was amazing! Now the priest knelt before them and said, "Forgive me. Continue your prayer. "

The third form of energy of love is prayer. Religions, organized churches have ruined it. They invite you to your ready prayers. Prayer is a spontaneous feeling. When you pray, remember this story. Your prayer should be spontaneous. If it can not be that, what should it be? If you can also be ready in advance to communicate with God, when will you be genuine, true, and natural?

Say things you want to say. Talk to God, as if you were with a smart friend. But do not enter the conversation with the ureadity. The official attitude is not a relationship at all. Have you become official with God? You will overlook all the spontaneity.

Refresh prayer with love. Then you can talk! This is a wonderful thing, a dialogue with the universe.

From the book Osho / Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously

I heartily recommend reading the entire book if you are looking for deeper life responses and genuine freedom. 

Life suppose to be fun ;-)                                                                          Thanks for reading, Martina


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