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It is difficult for the matter of fact physicist to accept the view that the substratum
for everything is of mental character. But no one can deny that mind is the first
and most direct thing
in our experience and all else is remote inference.

                                               Sir Arthur Eddington, Physicist

The universe cannot admit of material representation, and the reason,
I think,
is that it has become a mere mental concept. 
                                          Sir James Jeans, Physicist


I assert the nature of all reality is spiritual, not material or a dualism of matter and spirit.
                              Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Prize in Physics




There was a discussion between James, the protagonist in Elysium's Passage and Mo, one of his mountain companions, that I didn’t include in Elysium’s Passage because there already was too much to record.

This dialogue occurred shortly after James arrived on the Summit in this spirit body. He argues with his new companions that all their talk of him being a spirit is ridiculous, since matter is all there is to reality.’

Finally, Mo said, ‘but what you say James, doesn’t matter.’

‘What doesn’t matter?’

‘Matter doesn’t.’

‘Doesn’t what?’


‘Get real!’

‘I am real, Mo said, but matter isn’t… at least not in the way you think of it.’

‘And I suppose this chair I’m sitting in isn’t real either… you know, the one holding me up.’

‘Oh, the chair is real, at least in appearance, but the matter you think it is... isn’t.’

‘Really now,’ James said, ‘so what’s the matter with the way I think of matter? Like most everyone in the Western world seem to think the atoms have a nuclous of solid little billiard balls with electrons fly around. We refer to these units of electro phenomena as particles that often come with very creative and exotic names.’

‘Yes, of course, James said, ‘but particle physicists should know what they’re talking about.’

‘Just because one may identify something registering on a screen with an electronic pointer readings doesn’t make these atomic charges solid particles,’ Mo said. ‘Especially, I might add, when the evidence of this light spectacle on the screen can exist in two places at the same time.’ 

‘Well then; how is it they are be made to smash these particles into each together at our multi-billion dollar Super Colliders. I mean, if there isn’t something solid that collides, how is they can be splintered into ever smaller fragments as they are? 

‘But the question is; smaller fragments of what?’ Mo said. ‘So let’s talk about what makes solid seemly solid. What is it that makes us as spirits appear materially substantial, and why does the chair hold you up if it’s not solid? 

‘That’s what I’m saying. It’s because we are solid material bodies as is the chair,’ James said, ‘no question about it.’

‘You’re right; there is no question about it, except the question itself.'

Before we go off into a debate about semantics, James said, 'think of the solid iceberg that took down the Titanic. That ice had to be blood solid to do that!

But my question to you is; what was it that made the iceberg solid? Potentially that iceberg, under different conditions, could be vapour in the dry desert air that no one sees. But that’s just an analogy, what I want you to consider what makes solid, solid.

'You know James,' Mo continued, 'there’s nothing in subatomic physics that has ever been observed other than charges of energy, be it electromagnetic fields or whatever names on earth are associated with various forces of energy. The fact that different charges can be given different names doesn’t imbue them with some eternal solidity, even if that's the impression that's conveyed. A hologram seems solid too, until you put your hand through it.'

'But you know, I think if my ship was going down, James said, ‘I’d call whatever we collided into to be very solid.’

‘And I’m sure I would too, Mo said, ’but I would mean something different when referring to it as being solid. Let me remind you that energy and matter are interchangeable manifestations of the same Source energy field. Matter, or material, is just a crystalized form of energy at various levels of manifestation. You know, collapse of the quantum wave into a particle upon observation. And what is considered weight is this form’s inter-dynamics with a mysterious force field we call gravity.’

‘But then,’ James said, ‘I still don’t understand how energy can crystalize if there isn’t something that crystalize into form?’

‘Energy needs nothing more than what it already is.’ Mo said. ‘Form is a pattern of energy that doesn’t need little billiard balls of matter to appear solid. Energy forms and constantly reforms into various molecular patterns that hold a force field for only a time, be it ice cream, humans, mountains or stars. Everything is temporal except energy keeps morphing into new thought patterns of nature’s divine design, including that of human co-creativity.’

‘You know, I’m finding this a little too esoteric to be credible. It’s rather difficult to wrap my head around something as nebulous as energy without matter.’

‘But since matter is energy, why should that be a problem?’ Mo said. 'You already know that: E=MC2. When the chair holds you up, its one electromagnetic pattern holding up another electromagnetic pattern, that being you. You and the chair are charges that technically speaking, never touch.’

‘It only that was true for the Titanic,’ James said.

‘It was the force fields that collided, because as it turns out, that’s all there ever was. Just as when your body hit the bottom of the canyon floor. The impact was real as your body was altered with some serious injuries by the impact of the fall. And likewise, your consciousness is now being altered by the impact of your spirit body. 

‘Whether it’s in this domain of spirit or in the realm of the earth plane, it’s still all the same; just a ‘matter’ of which vibratory octave your conscious awareness exists. Your spirit body exists in a higher domain than your earthly body back home.’ 

‘That's most splendid,' James said with a grin, 'just like when I was in a higher domain while doing some good stuff during my undergraduate years.’

‘You might be more accurate about that than you realize,' Mo said. 'In any case it turns out that the world of subatomic physics had turned our world upside-down, or I should say, right side up, after thousands of years of believing that matter is something that self-subsists. But the ancient sages knew better.’

'What did they know better that us? James asked. No one knew much about physics before Newton.’

‘Let me make reference,’ Mo said, ‘to an ancient Greek poem that was incorporated into the Christian scriptures. It was originally made by Epimenides, a famous Greek poet from the 7th Century B.C. Today it is most commonly recognized from being quoted in the Biblical passage that states: For in him we live, and move, and have our being, as certain also of your own poets have said, for we are also his offspring.’[1]

'That's very nice, but hardly a statement of empirical reality.' 

'Maybe not empirical, Mo said, but that hardly the point. And yet this has to do with something even more basic: the ontology of matter. And it's not just about how sentient beings are derived, everything has is derived in the divine essence of Source. In fact, the established position of the early Church has been to affirm the omniscience (all-knowledge), omnipotence (all-power) and omnipresence (all presence) of God. So if God is all-presence, then there can be nowhere the Source isn’t.’

‘That jolly, but what about the question of evil, how do you deal with that? If God is there too, why does he put up with it if he’s so overwhelming powerful and wonderful?'

‘Yes, that’s a good question James, but a little off topic. Let me just say that if I close my eyes, it appears nothing is there. But that just a perception of a deluded mind that chooses not to see. But God's divine emanation is in every subatomic particle of energy. That's why everything, in essence, is sacred... it is all of God. And that's how all nature in the universe self-organizes into infinite designs of intricate life forms. 

But if I shut my cognitive eyes to the light of the divine Presence, only darkness remains in my awareness. And so only the world of illusory darkness seems to exist whenever my eyes are closed to the light. “Life” spelled backwards spells “evil,” which is why the world of darkness may seem evil when one is closed to the light that’s always present.’

‘I’m not at all satisfied with your answer,' James said, 'but let’s leave it at that for now.’

'A time will come,' Mo said, 'when you will see with the inward eyes of true understanding.'