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Whether you agree with me or not GIVING IS BETTER THAN RECEIVING!

I know a majority of people have grown to believe that you are blessed when you receive but this is a wrong belief as much as it may sound logically true.

So what is receiving?

Receiving is to be given something and you can either earn it or just get it as a present. This means that the receiver is at the mercy of the giver and in case the giver changes his or her mind and choose not to give you nothing then you go home empty-handed.

So as a receiver you are powerless because the giver is the one who has the final say here. Most people who are at the receiving end do not know how to create because all they know is that someone will always come through for them so they end up not having the ability to be creative because they have knowingly or unknowingly have surrendered their power to create to the giver.

So what is giving?

It is the action of freely transferring something to someone or handing over which means the giver may at any time change her or his mind and he or she has nothing to lose at the end of the day. Or they may postpone the time they want to give and the receiver has no say on that.  So in my opinion, the ability to be in the controlling end is very enriching emotionally and sometimes physically.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are in control of affairs here has the ability to be fulfilling either psychologically or physically. That makes you the captain of your ship.

According to my own experiences, I have observed that truly happy people are the givers than the receivers and I totally agree with the Biblical saying that says BLESSED IS THE HAND THAT GIVETH THAN THE ONE THAT TAKETH.

So let's make this world a better place by being givers more than takers.

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