4 Signs That You Have Been Born To Be Rich

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Ever wondered why some people, coming from the same background succeed while others don’t seem to move even a step during their whole life?

Such examples are everywhere if you pay a closer attention to it. It’s obvious that the ones who succeed, are probably doing something differently...

First of all they are THINKING differently than the majority.

In this post I wanted to talk about some of the signs, mindsets that only successful people have, especially when they are just starting their journey.

Here we go, enjoy)

P.S. These list was created by investigating financially successful people and can be added by your owns... 

1.     You Hate Mediocrity

 When you look around and see people that are performing on an average level and you just hate it.  You don’t like the idea of working from 9 to 5, you don’t like the fact that people get paid for the amount of time they have spent and not for their effectiveness. You don’t like seeing people complaining about their life, because you know that they have the power to change their life and make it the way they want it to be.

You see people living a very predictable and “safe” life and you just don’t want your life to be that way. When you look at them and see them not expressing their full potential, because you see their potential and you know that they can do better.

2.    You Reject School

You reject the traditional methods of education. You don’t like being told how and what do to. You don’t believe that there is only a certain way of doing things. And this applies not only education, but to any other area of life to. You don’t like to be told what do to and how to do it. When you see people depending on certain methods and avenues of doing things, but you don’t believe that that’s the way. You like figuring things out by your own. You’re not agree with the systems that society has. You don’t like the idea to go to the college in order to build the life you want. 

3.   You Reject Retirement Plans

When looking at retirement system you say “I’m not going to wait until I’m 65 to my life to the fullest”, then you are wired to be rich. The retirement system is such a joke. It’s so naïve to spend you best years working in order to be able to spend it after when you are old and have lower energy. Instead you believe that you can become rich now and live the life you want NOW, and little by little create your reserve of money for elderly to live a successful life in your later years.

4.   You Admire Rich People

I mean you don’t think rich people are stupid, greedy and just bad people.  Instead you try to learn from them, to pay attention to see how they are thinking, what are they doing differently than others, why are they succeeding. When seeing someone on a nice car you don’t get angry or blame them for buying nice stuff. You believe that you are also capable of having it, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 $ in your pocket. You know that one day you will get everything you want because you are working hard, you are taking risks and chances. You are challenging yourself. You are obsessed about your goals and you just KNOW that you are going to make it work…


Remember that life is about the choices that you make. Having a certain mindset is also a choice…

Talk to you soon,

Suzanne ;)

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