A New Working Paradigm is Born

Have you seen the predictions about future employment? ... NO .... well, let's get you up to speed. 

 The days of going to a job 9 to 5 are changing. Computers, robots and other forms of A.I.(artificial intelligence) have already started to take away our jobs and provide employers with more efficiency, no wages or entitlements to pay and longer working hours.

 These are not just jobs of the so-called working class but a large percentage are jobs in banking/finance, transport, medical profession, service and manufacturing industries....check out this recent article in The Guardian... Robots will destroy our jobs and we are not ready for it. 

     Time to Exit The Rat Race? ... here's HOW ....!

  So many of us have found ourselves stuck on a treadmill ....working, commuting, eating, sleeping, paying bills and doing it again! Sometimes it's become hard to find the joy and passion for living. To find any meaning to life as we have been 'sold' it.

 If this is you ...Now is a really good time to consider re-inventing your future, becoming free of the boss, the repetition and the old idea of ' trading your time for money '. As Robert Kiyosaki states in his book  Rich Dad Poor Dad   "Working hard for money is an old formula from cave man times". It's time to change to survive. 

 The Digital Age has birthed a plethora of entrepreneurs and millionaires, many who had no formal education or training, but vision and passion for creating. Now it's possible for everyone to take up education and mentorship programmes through online digital learning (information age /computers ) 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

   A new paradigm for supporting your financial freedom has become available to anyone who feels the inspiration and impulse toward lifestyle freedom

Improving Your Income

 Change is the only thing that is predictable in our lives. Programming from years of formal, structured education has taught us to 'specialise' and find our career for life. This has changed over the years to a time now when those who specialised are often the one's who are being 'downsized'. Knowing a little about of a lot of things is THE new way

 I have chosen to seek a change and have found a new income lifestyle freedom opportunity that is a gift to me, my friends and family at this time. I treat it like a college course, an expansion of 'who I am' and who I can be. It has become a clearing of old conditioning, old beliefs about myself and an awakening of a new vision of what I am truly capable of and ready for in my life.

 It's exciting, it's profound and it makes me feel passionate, more positive and whole again. A formula with mentorship is the way for me. It means I am not alone, I have others to help and guide me and a proven programme of learning. Check it out... this may be your time to exit the rat race tooA Freedom Lifestyle change.

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