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Most of us have this tendency -- we want to wait for the perfect condition before we get committed to our goals and aspirations.

What if I told you today is one of those times where the conditions are ready and the time is ripe?

I am speaking in the space of online business startups. There is so much out there that make the circumstances so favorable -- it would be wrong not to take part in this. For example, if you needed to begin an online business, you would need to implement a data collection method for marketing. 

Data is very vital to all the processes that a business has to follow. Say for example you want to look for particular clients that would be interested in the product you have produced. 

There are already implemented data sources that support startups, one of these you may even be using every day but never really knew about it.

Which one? FACEBOOK!!!

I don't know about your society, but in ours, we have all the wrong information about online ANYTHING!

Not only do we have false fears about this space, but we also have preconceived expectations about business that have handicapped us even before we begin. When we talk about business we are inclined to think about some factors. 

  • Premises: we ask ourselves "I need a premise where I am going to host my business, where is this going to be?"
  • Startup Capital: we talk to ourselves "if I can't afford this X amount of dollars why even bother!"
  • Where to start: this could be in terms of location and technical expertise.


Imagine a time where you don't really have to answer all these questions. What a day it would be.

What if there was a time where there was no need for premises -- where other ways have been established in order to have business run. What if there are already well-established technology to help you.

I was talking to a sister of mine about the current changes in technology and how someone can leverage what we already have in order to make it. There were so many aha! moments and she soon realized this is actually easier than it sounded before she learned some of these things.

Here are some of the things we talked about, how technology and systems are able to help you get really good at what you do.

  • Marketing: after choosing your avatar and a product you wish to sell or earn from -- through online platforms such as Facebook, you have a channel to hundreds of millions of people whom you can access. If this was not the case then there would need to get such a system up an running before you even think of progress.
  • Collaboration: there are concepts such as email marketing that help you build relationships so as to reach your target market easily. There are not many words I can use to tell you the importance of tools such as Aweber and others.
  • Reduced Costs: the traditional way of marketing can cost you a fortune and yet there are cheaper ways through Google, Bing, and others. It is amazing that for a small budget you can be able to reach so many people.
  • Location transparency: you do not need premises and therefore this greatly reduces all the cost that you could have incurred in your initial startup. All you need are online platforms through which you can host your domains -- you don't need to do this from scratch yourself.


If you ask me right now, I would say two things: 

  1. Determination and focus: get a target that you are passionate about and choose to move towards it.
  2. Knowledge: in order to leverage all that I have been talking about you need to study up. You need to take some courses even sometimes. 

As a matter of fact, we are giving you free material to help you learn some of the best techniques we have been using for a while now. List building. 

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After all that you have read above, what will it take to change your mind towards starting your own dream online business today?

When all is said and done, it will all be hinged on the power of your choice. Choose to get started today.

There is a community of people you can join and work with -- they have worked with hundreds of others who have made it online. 

The best time to start this is today, even now. You have all that it takes.