Why I don’t need money or cash to make it in life

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I know some of you are really wondering what I am up today with such a title. You will soon find out and also I would like to hear what you think about the value you are going to receive today.

One of the most common excuses I get when I try to sell some ideas on business is that there is no "money" to start. I don't know what this means because money is not exactly what you think it is. 

Money does not dictate your relationships, yet relationships can make you access people with money. That is just one way of thinking about it.

In order to set things in order for today let us define money so we can get into it:

Definition: money is a measure of value

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The definition above will set you down a path you may have not walked before. If money is a measure of value then its a result, not a causative agent. Think about that.

The other concept we need to define in order to set things in order is the word need:

Definition: a need is something you can not do without

In other words, the people who think they need money to make it in business. Or the people whose sole purpose in life is to make money because they think they need it are wrong. Yeah, I said it!

If money is a result of value then value takes a bigger precedence than money. If you have one then the other is a result. You need value to get money, how is this so?

  1. You need valuable ideas to get money: not all ideas are valuable, if you know your idea adds value to a certain group of people then that idea will attract money. I have had ideas where I needed money to implement. Most recently I wanted to teach Artificial Intelligence for free to anyone. I applied to one of the biggest NGOs here and got free resources to teach because they recognized value. I did not need money to do it, I needed value.
  2. You need valuable friends: when you are surrounded by people who are of value you won't find it difficult to have money. I have had friends who are takers but also friends whom I know I can't be in need when they are around. If I have a valuable idea these friends will recognize this and help me.
  3. You need a good work ethic: people who have made it, people who have value have a good work ethic. If you do what is needed, when it's needed and are extremely disciplined you will attract lots of money to you.
  4. You need a good attitude: a good attitude will get you through a lot of blocks in life. You may have money but with a bad attitude, you will surely fail in business and other parts of your life. Money doesn't buy a good attitude yet a good attitude is needed to handle money well.

In conclusion what I am trying to say is this, when you have the things you need to have then, the things you want to have will be added along with those you need.

This calls for a shift in focus, you need to focus more on your personal development in order to have money come towards you. It's fine you can study the people who have made it through the hurdles of life. You will realize these are some of the things that they have and as a result, they are making it in life.

You need a community of people who believe in you, who can support you when you are looking to get things off the ground. You need to click the banner below to get started towards your next step in life.

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