"You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!"

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This line from the Eagles hit, Hotel California, sums up where a lot of people are finding themselves today. Even though the song was written in the 70's, it is as relevant today as it was then.

So many people are stuck in places where they don't want to be. Nobody is forcing them to be there but their personal circumstances prevent them from moving on. These circumstances may include:

  1. Fear of starting over.
  2. Fear of doing something new. (Leaving the comfort zone).
  3. Lack of other skills.
  4. Lack of opportunities. (Though some people won't recognize an opportunity even if it stares them straight in the eye).
  5. Wrong mindset.
  6. Fear of screwing up.

So what is going to take to bring radical and meaningful change in your life? The journey will be different for everyone.

I do love my career and I work for very good people who are very good to me. But it took me too long to reach this point and I have been playing catch-up ever since. To be able to retire one day on an acceptable living standard meant that I had to put away extra funds from my salary.

I also have two children who will need to get a quality education. This meant that I was sacrificing a lot of freedom now just to be able to provide for future commitments.

I had an uncle who used to say: "Your money may dry up but your plans should never" and that is why I was fortunate while looking for a solution to my problem that I discovered the good folks from the SFM. Not only did they show me how to make a success of an online business they also opened up my mind to other opportunities in my personal life.

I am a much more fulfilled person now because I have peace of mind that the things that were lacking before are taken care of by my part time business and that is giving me a sense of freedom that was missing before.

It also gives me a sense of comfort that I do have a backup plan should the unimaginable happen.

So, if you are reading here and you feel that you want to check out but can never leave, then I have good news for you. You can choose how you want to check out and/or leave. You can do one or both, it is up to you.

To see how, please click here.

If you want to know more about me you can visit me at hannesels.com

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