10 tips to stay motivated when you are working from home

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Working from home for many of us sounds like a dream but for some of us sounds like impossible place to get anything done especially when you are busy parent with kids.

If you work from home you can choose what time you want to start your day. You can treat yourself to a homemade breakfast and a delicious cup of coffee. You don’t even have to get dressed.  You can work from a comfort of your living room if you wish.

On the other hand working from home can also be distracting. It is easy to lose focus and concentrate on non-work related tasks and get you or your business into trouble.

So how to stay motivated when you are working from home and you have to get your work done?

undefinedThere are ten tips I use when I work from home:

1.       I get up early around the same time I start work. So if I start work at 7 am I get up at 7 am. Getting up early means that I can get more work done. I have always been an early bird.

2.      Establish my work area – working from home could easily means staying in my bed and work in bed but I believe that everything should be done in the right place. Bed is design for sleeping and other good things so let’s find a room with a desk or space in the house that makes you feel inspired and help you focus on tasks in hand.

Bright, full of light room is a perfect place for working from home, it keeps me awake and energized. So no work in bed and put on actual clothes.  No pyjamas as they make me think that I am having a day off or its Saturday morning and I am going back to bed.


3.       Gather the right tools I need around me. How many times I could spend good half an hour trying to find either a charger for my laptop or a mouse or a memory stick.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur or affiliate marketer you want to have your work place organised and keep phone and laptop with you, charger for laptop and phone beside the desk, notepad, pens and pencils for writing all the great ideas.

4.       Create a schedule – nothing is better than a good planner to stay on top of things and get things done. I plan what am I going to get done in a day.  I break my day into breaks and decide what tasks I am going to get done between them.


5.       Make to-do list – I make a list of things I have to get done. Look at the list few times to decide what is urgent and what is not. Highlight the high priority tasks. 

6.       Take breaks – taking breaks is as much important as doing work. I always take few minutes off every 2 hours to fuel myself with water and healthy snacks. Sometimes I take a walk or go outside. Fresh air brings me mental clarity and helps reduce stress.

7.       Turn any unnecessary devices off – some people like having Tv on while working from home but for me tv is just a distraction and stop me from gathering my thoughts.

8.       Log off any social platforms I am on. I always tell myself “only 5 minutes to check the messages and I will be right back“ and then I end up spending an hour doing something that is not going to help me get my work done.

9.       Staying focus while you work from home is key. Planning ahead, setting daily goals and deadlines increases my productivity, help me to stay in check and keep me away from distractions.

10.        Find something that will push you to get your work done even you feel like you are not up for it at the moment. I think for many people including myself the best motivation to stay focused when you are working from home is knowing that you will not get paid until you complete tasks that have been assigned to you or you obliged yourself to get them done.


Many studies shows that people who work from home tend to get more work done in shorter time than when they are in the office. Reason – less distraction, no phone calls every few minutes, no need to attend  meetings with people who don’t even show up, read and replay to emails that are not relevant to your job and many more.

So should we all do more our jobs in pyjamas to increase our productivity and minimise monthly expenses?

How would you motivate yourself if you work from home?


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