3 Reasons You Should Celebrate When You Don’t Feel Like It.

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3 Reasons You Should Celebrate When You Don’t Feel Like It.

I know what you may be thinking. Who doesn’t love a good celebration? Right? When you think of celebration you may get the picture of good times, laughter, and dancing. Well, I’m sure there may have been a time you just didn’t want to celebrate. Maybe that time you worked incredibly hard and made small gains?  Perhaps a time when you saw someone succeed in a place you where you’ve had aa long season of struggle. There may come another scenario in the future when you don’t want to celebrate. As an entrepreneur I’ve had many moments of struggle where progress was slow.   There is a temptation to judge success based on outcomes and overlook the progress and lessons in the journey.  The progress, and small wins along the way are scripting the story of an amazing ground-breaking victory that has never been told.

So here are 3 amazing reasons to celebrate regardless of where you stand in your journey in life:

1.     Celebration Invites Success or anticipated Victory. Have you ever heard that your facial affect will change your mood, or you’ll feel better when you smile? Your mood will set the temperature of the atmosphere around you much like a thermostat regulates a room. It will invite others in, or signal that it is just not the day to approach. Your ability to celebrate increases your capacity to receive, as you set the atmosphere to invite into your life what you exude.  Also, just like the cheers of a fan helps a team to feel driven to perform despite the opposition your celebration invites a further victory.

2.     Celebration compels you to a place of Elevation. Choosing to move pass a feeling country to celebration may place you in a position to see another perspective or gain the insight you need for a long-anticipated victory.  Furthermore, if you’re willing to celebrate you may welcome a connection that will draw you to that position of elevation.

3.     It solidifies the commitment we have to our success and to the success of others. Are you your biggest fan? A fan has an enduring commitment regardless of the history of performance. A fan will not release the hope of victory. When I think of a fan I picture a sports fan in the bleaches all decked out in his or her team’s colors. There is loud cheering, and tears at times depending on what’s going on in the game. Are you a fan of anyone else in life besides yourself?  Often success does not occur in isolation. Being willing to celebrate in every season with others reveals where we are in our commitment to them. Being willing to celebrate the progress and victory of others, solidifies our commitment to grow beyond our circle, and solidifies our commitment to ourselves as we fortify our sphere of support, and influence.

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow...” Albert Einstein

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