3 Ways Into Discovering Your Purpose To Build Your Online Business

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3 Ways Into Discovering Your Purpose To Build Your Online Business

Finding your purpose in life and in your business can be difficult, especially if you’re unhappy in your surroundings.
Once you have found your purpose, your passion, then you can reveal this to the world.
Before this can happen there are some changes in your life that you need to make. In order to implement these changes, you need to be open and aware and accepting of all outcomes this will entail.
To find this clarity you need to find quiet space within yourself to make the right decisions for you.

Theres a Buddha quote I read, which makes the most perfect sense to any situation you find yourself in, it goes:

“Never reply when you’re angry. Never make a promise when your happy. Never decide when your sad.”

Use this strategy in any circumstance, issues, and problems you’re facing, and you will learn a lot about who you are.

Taking a step back and looking at the whole picture, examining other’s perspectives, will allow you to become clear and concise in your answers, this will help you in any business ideas, to tackle, challenge and face the obstacles your presented with.


If you stay quiet and withdraw from reactions to arguments, and difficult situations where you want to immediately react, then that’s an instant satisfaction, it’s an enormous lesson.

You will see how things can then alter other reactions and gain you a higher sense of achievement.

 You will become in your own space.


At first your physical body, your internal emotions and your instant defence mechanism (your brain) will enforce you to react in a negative response.

This is how we are conditioned to defend and protect ourselves, so we can always feel like were right in any given situation. This is not the best case, even if you are right, and you stay quiet. Your mind will silence itself as you’ve chosen to become the bigger person, the one in control. Remember you need that silence in your mind to clarify your purpose.


There are stages and planning into uncovering your purpose. I will start with 3 crucial fundamentals for you to use on your journey.


Fundamental 1:

ALIGNMENT- Your Skill And Talent Needs To Be Aligned Exactly With Your Heart, Your Body And Your Mind.

If you don’t have all of these in line, then you will instantly feel doubt, or something is wrong.

You should be aware of the talent and skills you possess, the world outside can push you in alternate directions, this will never satisfy you even if this is the sensible, responsible option. You will find your place once you follow your heart, body and mind (not your brain).

These Important elements that can be disregarded or taken advantage of and even un intentionally ignored.

Have you ever felt like you knew the decision you were about to make would be the wrong one, the negative one?

…but you ignored that feeling and did it anyway?


Then after had to pay for the consequences. This is your INTUITION calling you, screaming at you to listen to your entire being, it’s trying to prevent a bad thing from happening.

Well this goes the same for any unhappy situation; a job you’re in, or a person (partner, Sibling, Friend) that’s not right for you, and you know its wrong to carry on with this unhappiness, but

where would you be without it? What would you do?

Become aware of what you can achieve.

-          Focus on – Positive Energy

-          Gratitude for all you have in your life

Don’t focus on the negatives or you will hold resentment, you have resentment you will attract negativity.

Positive thinking will gravitate you to your passion and purpose, do the hard work and your troubles will dissolve.

Doing things like:

-          Self-research Motivational speakers, blogs, Documentaries, Pod Casts. Find your inspiration and motivation researching these things and it will help guide you to your purpose.

-          experience your fears- Whatever scares you in moving forward, face it, accept it and embrace it.

To conclude your first fundamental, and the caption that I created and always believed to be true is, find your value, follow your heart, your dreams and then Achieve your passion.  Believe that you can and then you will.


If you see yourself in 5 years on top of the mountain screaming, I have achieved my goals then you’re on the right path, just never give up.

I will follow with the 2nd Fundamental on my next blog post.


Thank for reading, don’t forget, do the work!!

All my love,

Rachael Iris.


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