5 Signs You Hate Your Job

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Many people moan about their job, but is your job truly making your life a misery?

Yes, you work hard. You're loyal and professional, as you've been all your working life. You turn up on time, get your head down and get the job done.

But, lately something's not right and you feel lost. You hoped it was just a bad day, then week, then month, then year...

Have a read of these 5 tell tale signs and if you've experienced at least 3 then it's clear you're not happy with your work life.

The good news is you're not alone. Far from it, and maybe there're a few answers to getting your life back on track.

1. Sunday is ruined by thinking about Monday

Every Sunday you wake up with the dread that tomorrow is Monday once again. As much as you try to enjoy the final day of the weekend, there's always a nagging feeling that with every hour you're a step closer to being back at work. Some people don't get the dread until later on in the day, while some actually start thinking about it on Saturday evening.

2. You can't wait for Friday

The vicious cycle. So you've ruined your weekend worrying about Monday arriving. Now it has, you're counting the days for it to end once again. A slither of hope may arrive on Wednesday, when you realise you're nearly there. However you won't really get a truly peaceful sleep from Sunday to Thursday through worrying about something work related each night.

3. You think of ways to be late/sick/leave early

Any excuse you can find to stay away from work you jump on. It may be a simple dentist appointment in the morning, but you'll find ways to delay getting back to work.

Getting stuck in traffic or on a train delay while commuting to work brings a brief bit of joy to your day, as itmeans you arrive later with a valid excuse.

4. You hate even talking about work

Your friends bring up work when you're out for a drink and that knot in your stomach tightens. Your partner asks how your day was and you simply answer, "It was okay", instead of slipping into a two hour rant about another horrible day or moment in the office.

5. You feel lost

You're at work but your mind is not. You feel completely lost and alone. You're wondering, is this it? Is this what my life is going to be forever? You feel utterly trapped and don't know where to turn.


It's never too late to make a change

Well, first of all, these signs can't be ignored. You only have one life after all. Why wish away your week and spend half the weekend dreading the following week. Eventually your health will suffer, if it hasn't already.

A new job could be the answer. It could refresh your brain, get your life back on track and help you gain a new sense of fulfilment. But before you start thinking about changing job, make sure this is really something that you want and make sure the move in career is something that will excite you, otherwise you'll soon be back in the same situation you were trying to escape in the first place.

Set yourself a plan of action

Write down in a notebook a wish list. Be clear about what you want from life. For example, what sort of work would you love to be doing, where would you work, how much time would you spend working, how much time would you spend with your family, friends or doing the things you love?

Are you interested in a career that requires long hours but pays a fortune or is having more time at home more appealing? Or both - wouldn't that be the dream? Where would you live? What would your average day be like?

Be honest with yourself. No two people in this world have the exact same goals. There is no right or wrong. The only measure of success you should be looking for is true fulfilment and happiness. Once you attain this, you'll begin to become the very best person you can be. This will impact the people you love. Your family. Your friends. Suddenly life will be what it should be about. Living. Not merely existing.


How I changed my career

I was in a similar position several months ago. In fact I ticked every box from the list above and was utterly miserable. I was commuting for too long to a job I hated, missing time with my family. Once I was home I was dreading going back to the work I hated. It was all consuming and I was emotionally drained. I moved job, just to get away and be somewhere different. It didn't work and I'd only moved from one unfulfilling job to another.

I decided to put my life savings into a conventional high street business selling furniture, as that was the day job. I eventually lost everything within 2 years, after working 7 days a week and seeing even less of my family.

I blamed the world. I put it down to bad luck and wondered why everything bad happened to me.

I got myself a job in furniture once again and carried on in the same position I'd been trying to escape. I was now broken - a good thing it turned out. I was now clear about what I wanted. I didn't want to work in something I had no interest in. I wanted fulfilment, time to do what I enjoyed and have a real lifestyle. Most of all, spend quality time with my family.

I was now focused and I was going to find a way of getting there.

Work Your Own Hours Whenever You Want

I searched and searched and searched for real ways of building an income while getting the lifestyle I was after. I'd had my fingers burnt once already and I wasn't going to repeat the experience. I was healthily sceptical and did my homework.

It was then I came across a FREE VIDEO SERIES that introduced me to a new way of making money. I was not lied to or told that I could just click my fingers and the money would come pouring in. 

They taught me about what sells, how to leverage my time, what the common mistakes are and how to build an automated business that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year earning commissions of anywhere from $20 to $8,000 dollars per sale.

I followed the simple steps and put a few hours a day, each day and got the results without having to quit the day job. The plan is now to quit the day job.

The money you can earn is one thing, but the lifestyle you can create for yourself is priceless.

Take a look at the FREE VIDEO SERIES yourself and get started today. 


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