5 Steps To Repeatable and Predictable Business Success

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As I woke up around 8:30 today and trundled through to the kitchen to get the coffee machine on (I had a "fuck it, i'll stay in bed today moment this morning), I was thinking about a conversation I had with my girlfriend Janet.

Janet is working on a passion business of her own, helping women who suffer from PCOS conceive, which is no mean feat in of itself.

The main issue is she isn't the business type, nor does she want to be, but as I rightly pointed out...

"Babe, if you wanna grow your business and help people, you've got to understand basic marketing and selling".

She was quite resistant in the beginning, but over time she's come to the conclusion that although I'm absolutely fucking crap at many things, building a solid business isn't one of them.

So she asked me the best question anyone who wants to own their own business and control their life can ask:

"What are the exact things I need to do to get clients?"

Ahhh ye olde client getting, money making question.

And it was this question I was mulling over as the coffee machine did it's thing, and the corollary was to ask another question:

"What are the exact steps needed to grow an online business in the most simple way possible?"

(She's looking to run her business remotely... good girl).

And this is what I came up with, these are in fact the absolute basics that you MUST focus on, in order to grow a highly successful online income, that will enable you to fire your boss, and hire yourself, so to speak.

1. Find a product you believe in and that converts.
2. Create a great lead magnet to give away. 
3. Create a great squeeze page to capture subscribers.
4. Create a follow up series to make the sale.
5. Send ALL traffic to the squeeze page.

Easy eh? Well hold on, here's the kicker...

All of this takes time, and if you take it upon yourself to do all this without any help, you're looking at weeks of trial and error, possibly even months depending on your offering.

But when it's all said and done, it's the ONLY way to:

1. have an income that isn't dictated by someone else

2. Never have to put up with "office politics" and a boss that micromanages you (ahhh, I can still feel the vial breath of my old boss over my shoulder)

3. Never have another sleepless night of wondering, "Am I expendable?" "Will I get fired if they need to cut costs?" (Hint: You ARE expendable, and sadly most companies will simply view you as a number)

4. Never again have to sit in a traffic jam in the early hours of the morning, yearning for your bed, wishing you were still comatose instead of on your way to a job you don't even have the passion for anymore.

Lucky for you, I'm just the bunny you need, who's also got the training and hand holding, professional guidance you need to get all that shit nailed, quickly, easily, and with less stress than the average Joe (pun intended).

You can find out more by clicking this link.

Talk soon,

P.S - If you come to me moaning and bitching that you "don't have the money", or you "haven't got the time", or some other bullshit excuse for not acting on this, then you're already showing me you're not the right person to become an entrepreneur, and may as well stay put in your job.

It's not a dig at you personally, it's just the truth.

There's always ways of getting your hands on enough money to get started with your own side hustle (I've scraped together over £10000 for coaching over the years, through loans in various forms, and every penny was well spent). You don't even need to spend an 8th of that to get help from the pro's.

And as for the time excuse, well, that's just a matter of planning. There's always time in the day to do what you have to do, the question is will you sit and down and look for it?

So if you're someone full of these excuses, please, unsubscribe at the bottom of this email.

If you AREN'T someone who lives their life full of excuses for why you're not succeeding at living the life of your choosing, and are willing to make some changes in direction, the links below, you know what to do.

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