8 Top Tips For Boosting Engagement On Facebook - With Infographic

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So, you’ve started up a Facebook page to promote your business or personal brand. Great start – around 79% of internet users are on Facebook, so it’s a great place to be.

Maybe you’ve started sharing your articles, service offerings or products on your page, but you’re just not getting any traction. You started out with high hopes but they’re dwindling away now – most of your posts get just a couple of likes and then sink into Facebook oblivion.

But don’t worry. 

Building up traction on Facebook takes time. Follow our top eight tips for boosting engagement on Facebook, and be sure to check out our handy Infographic (bottom) to see how many likes, comments and shares you can rack up from your Friends and Followers. 

1. Ask questions

There’s nothing that makes people skip over a post faster than self-promotion. But if you can hook people with a question, you might gain attention. Asking people their opinions on ‘this’, which is their favorite ‘that’, engages people to stop by your post and put in their two cents.

Your question could be related to your business niche, but it doesn’t have to be. Something fun and conversational where people can air their views (without it turning into a bunfight!) can be great to get people chatting on your page.

2. Use images and memes

Images can boost engagement. Think about it. When you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, what jumps out at you from between all the text? That’s right, images. These images can be related to your business, but they don’t always have to be. You can also use memes to grab attention and ask questions about the image.

Remember, the best images always elicit emotion. Whether you’re going for shock, surprise, fear, or humor, (or, if you’re a cupcake vendor, perhaps greed!), you can be sure the pull of emotion will make your fans more likely to Like, Comment and Share.

3. Use content from your Friends and fans

Check out your Friends’ and fan’s profiles from time to time. If you see something you like, comment and share. This not only gives you ready-made content, it also shows your fans that you care about them and care what they have to say.

4. Check out your fan’s interests

When you’re flicking through your fans’ profiles, try to work out their interests. Do a lot of your fans have similar interests? Are you seeing themes run through their likes, their favorites as listed on their profile, their cover pictures, or their post content? See if you can find any common interests, and include those in your future posts.

5. Talk about current events

Talking about what’s going on in the world right now can be a great way to boost engagement – you become like friends to your fans, discussing the news over coffee. But one word of warning: make sure any opinions you give are in line with your brand values. If you have strong views about things that aren’t necessarily relevant to your brand, it would probably be best not to put them out there. You don’t want to alienate potential or existing customers.

6. Be inspirational

Everyone loves an inspirational quote or meme, especially first thing on a Monday morning when most of the world is feeling not particularly inspired. Putting shareable memes on your page can help to boost your community’s spirits (and your own) and get some shares out there. If you want to put your brand or business name in the corner, then as it spreads your brand will get even more recognition.

7. Be funny from time to time

We’re not saying you have to start doing stand up comedy, but a bit of humor from time to time can make you seem more relatable and boost engagement. It gives your brand or business a human side, and laughter prompts people to share. If you’re not a naturally funny person, it doesn’t matter – just share a meme that makes you laugh out loud and you’re well on your way.

8. Keep checking your insights

If you have a Facebook business page, you can check your insights. This will show you which posts of yours have the most engagement. By checking on this regularly, you can see whether your audience preferred that funny video, or that debate about sandwich fillings, or your inspirational memes. That way you can keep giving them what they love, and that’s the real way to keep your people engaged.

Now check out and download the Infographic below to refer to any time you need a little guidance or inspiration.


Download your PDF Version here:
Tips For Boosting FB Engagement Infographic

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