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I have been blogging for a few months now, and I realise I haven't properly introduced myself.

Who Is Kath Walker? What is the Kath Walker story? Who cares who Kath Walker is? Good question.

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I had been quite the Luddite when it comes to technology. It was indeed with reservations that I read about and watched videos about blogging and how it can connect one to a new way of earning an income. I was still not really interested in blogging after reading about it for some years. I thought one would need to be a highly knowledgeable techie to even set things up let alone start and work towards being successful at said blogging. I did try a few online courses and tried to get a 'website' up and running... Hmmm, no success there. 

I have been a nurse since the day I left school way back in 1984. I have loved working as a nurse all these years. Night duty even made me super excited when I was a young nurse. Something about being awake when everybody else was asleep, and driving home when everybody else was driving to work held a little bit of magic for me. As I've grown older, however, I wonder where my head was at the time. Growing older involves growing more tired. So night duty has long since lost its shine for me.

As I've grown older, I have also become protective of my time.  Unfortunately, I can't afford to just stay home and look after my dogs each day. Working in a large city hospital as a nurse also involves missing out on family affairs such as Christmas and social events etc. We have to go in a ballot each year to try and get Christmas off. That's if you have worked the last 3 Christmases. If one needs time off at short notice or annual leave because you need a break for a week or so, It's bad luck if the Annual leave planner is full. Many young mums work weekends and nights. This roster fits in with husbands who work days and not weekends. When do they see each other?  To a large extent, my job has a lot of control over my life, and I have grown tired of it. This life has become more and more difficult mentally and physically. 

Then in my haze of tiredness, I came across an ad on youtube about blogging to achieve a life you love and have engineered. I signed up for further information about the Six Figure Mentor course because the woman who made the ad seemed very genuine. I guess it helped that she was the same age (ish) as I was and her technology skills were similar to mine. Probably better but we won't go there. The woman's name was Chris Idle. I thank Chris for placing the ad. I haven't looked back since I started my SFM course.  The course is step by step with reading and videos. You pace yourself and fit it around your life. They also have live workshops where you can ask questions. The support from SFM is prompt and helpful. (Support is very slow or non-existent on some courses I've tried). The SFM course offers to teach you the skills to earn money blogging and to take it further to start your own business if that is what you want. Everything they promise, they deliver!


So Just Imagine if you could stay at home and blog to earn a living. You could see more of your family. You could go on holidays whenever you choose. Very importantly, there would be no more night duty. Of course, we can't forget, you would not work another Christmas. It has been worth looking into for me. I now have computer skills I never dreamed possible, and I learn a little more every day. If you are at the end of your tether, click on the link below. It may turn out to be the best thing you've ever done. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Good Luck with all of your endeavours until next time.

Kath Walker

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