Are You Feeling Lost?

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Are You Feeling Lost?


Have you ever asked yourself why you wake up in the morning? Do you ever say to yourself that ‘today is going to be rubbish’? are you saying to yourself, “I’m fat” or “I’m useless” and constantly using this negative language against yourself? You could have problems like “I’m a terrible parent” or “It always happens to me, no one else” or “why am I always the one who is ill” have you ever taken a step back to examine the why your mind speaks to you in that way? My guess is not. This is one of the biggest issues why people are heading towards or deeply battling Mental Health or just lost in who they are and where they want to be in their life.


I want you to try some simple steps, as this negative language we are using against ourselves is unfair and completely ruining our lives. It’s time we took a stand against all this negativity that we say to ourselves or that others may say to us, as its not true! As soon as you believe something said, then its just as soon as you do start to become that. For example, if someone says to you, you are ugly, you then start to see yourself as ugly and begin to close yourself down and crunch up your entire body and confidence. You need to know their saying these things because they’re dealing with their own pain, you have the option to listen to this comment or not, to believe what they say or not. You can change the way you feel about yourself, to focus on what’s important and to understand no matter what comment is said, you are beautiful, you are intelligent, and you are brave.


Saying to yourself a Mantra like this everyday will help guide you into a better happier and more successful you. You must have heard of the phrase, ‘You cannot love anyone else before you love yourself’ well this is true, you can keep searching for happiness, for expensive items and taking negative opinions personally, but you will never find the answer you’re looking for.

Start to look at what things you are taking for granted and, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on the things that you do have and begin to be grateful for them. Everyday say to yourself how grateful you are for each nice comment, each friendly interaction, and every meal that you are consuming, these are just some examples of the things we take for granted every day that make our own little world happier and kinder. Once you start focusing on all these good positive vibrations then your world will open. Your life will begin to change as you will only be looking at the positive and the negative can then easily be overcome.


Ask yourself why you wake up in the morning and list 8 reasons why! Write them down. Read them repeatedly each morning, you can then start to add more as you feel more gratitude for the small and wonderful things, we are able to see, hear and feel in our lives.

To summarise this message I want to say, you have the option to decide what you want to listen to and what you don’t. Selecting a positive language and mindset and being grateful for all in front of you, even if its not much, you can then only fall forward. So, instead of saying “Today is going to be rubbish” say to yourself “Today is going to be amazing” and then start to make your life amazing! Otherwise in 10 years you will be in the same, lost feeling. You have the strength to find it, so find it!


I am here to help, so, if you need any guidance, reach out to me in whatever way you desire. I’m here to listen. Click on the link below and it will take you to my website where you can find out all about me and find my contact details. 

Take care,


Rachael Iris.

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