Are You Living the Lifestyle You Dreamt About?

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Imagine the time when you and your loved one made a commitment to enjoy a life of freedom and fun. What happened? Are you living it right now or has everyday life interfered with your plans? 

41 years ago, my now husband and I were sitting in a restaurant in Mexico City making plans for the future lifestyle we would create together. 

Just before we met, I returned to Mexico from an eight-month trip to London, UK. He was sent to Mexico to set up some equipment that a Mexican company bought from the Australian company he was working for. As he couldn't speak any Spanish, I was hired as a Bilingual secretary to help out with the translation, and we both finished up working for the same Mexican company.

I found out that he was born in England but living in Australia for over seven years. We established a good connection between the two of us.  It then developed into a relationship, and in short period of time, he proposed, and we got married.

That day in the restaurant in Mexico, we were talking about how much fun it would be to live a lifestyle where we could travel to Mexico, England and Australia on a regular basis and live a lifestyle of pleasure and excitement. So what happened?

After our wedding in Mexico, I said goodbye to my family, job and country and I began my new life in Australia with a brand-new husband.

We started our family straightaway, and all those dreams were put on hold. Our lifestyle was a typical day to day living, raising a family of three, and to help with the bills, I did some odd jobs. All those plans were only at the back of our minds. 

While our sons were growing up, I dedicated my time to my family and the household duties. Time went by, our children grew up and left home. John and I started to plan our dream life of freedom, but he began to have hip pain on his left leg, and as time went by, that developed into a more intense problem, and instead of living the lifestyle we were dreaming about, I became his carer. 

Because of it, the income dropped, making me realise that I had depended a lot on him financially and I started to look for ways to get ahead. One thing was for sure, I I didn't want to wake up every morning and go to a mundane job.

I was convinced that there was something better out there. I continue to have that burning desire to find something else.

I went to the internet, did lots of research, and I came across a mentor who is based in Atlanta who told me about a business model that I could do around my caring and household duties. 

It didn't include call calling, pitching, recruiting, anything like that. It involved an online educational program as an affiliate that would allow me to get a commission once I learn the skills.

It was something that appealed to me as I could do it from home while attending to my husband's needs. All I needed was a laptop and an internet connection.  

The first thing I needed to do was to invest in myself to learn how to market on the internet. I also learned that many business models are product based and not time-based. 

You Choose The Business Model That Works For You

I am also part of a community who want to change their lives by building a business with purpose and passion by leveraging the internet. 

So if you are ready to learn the skills, go through a few tutorials and get an overview of affiliate marketing. Please click this link 

Make it happen. You have been waiting for too long. 

Wishing you much success



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