Team Work


None of us are a rock unto ourselves. We are actually all one in some spiritual way. And yet, I curiously watched how a group of people worked apart. They had a division of ages which created the group. Then, keeping all things even, there were some who decided to be an army of one.

Team Work At Work

                                    Team Work (Stream Dental)

These ages went this way; Menials, X-Generation, and Baby Boomers. But there was only one Boomer. I walked into this place and couldn't help notice the Boomer was walking around checking the place out. Couldn't figure that out until he, in a loud voice said to the woman at the medical table that he was not happy with the way the place looked and he suggested the place be cleaned up. It was clear the woman be basically barked at, was not happy. She called one or two other women and they silently went to clean up a certain area. On my visits to this particular place, this type of scenario happened a time or two times more. I thought: "How curious." Some days later I noticed the gentleman was no longer seen. I asked another staff member who seemed to be a bit more mature what had happened to the gentleman. And went into the story how there was a division in team work. It was the Millennials against the Boomers, as she saw it. And he was removed from the manpower inventory.

The Point Of View

I was quite surprised to hear the story. Because I was under the impression that everyone there were working together to attain a common goal. "Take care of the less stable". .     Team Work (

That wasn't quite the message I got from the story I heard. What happened to team work? What I got was; the younger group seemed to be more interested in a power struggle. That is never the meaning of work.

In The Family

I get there is "sibling rivalry". Not what I'm talking about. It puts me into a state of wonderment when a family pays no attention to the other members. Particularly when it comes between a husband and wife. I have to ask: Why did you get married? Stop ignoring each other! Talk. Talk about whatever it is that is bothering you. It doesn't matter how infantile or minute it is. If it is bothering you, air it out. I never understood lacking team work in a family. Especially between spouses. Even between siblings, there is still a membership through the rivalry. True, honest team work. It doesn't mean that you agree on everything. It means that you work together for a common goal.                                                                      Team Work (Kevin Martineau) If you don't have team work, you won't create anything worth having. Because it is built in selfishness and/or inferiority. This is not you with those emotions.

Here's The Rub

We all have choices. We can make the decisions to get along, work together and make a difference in this world. Will it change the world? Yes. One piece of the globe at a time. I noticed that Caretakers that watch over the loved ones that their families can't or know how to do that sort of job. They do make a difference in the world of a lot of families. Now those families can carry on with their lives because of Caretakers. And most jobs can make a difference to people in other ways. With the right attitude you can change your life, you can change the lives of others. The choice is all up to you. But you create your own life. The only question is: Who are going to create team work with?

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