Core Beliefs...Your Power!

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Your deep Core Beliefs are need to be resolved. Because unless they are, your life will keep hitting the ceiling. The ceiling that you formed through your Core Beliefs.

I want you to do an exercise with me. Set aside two hours of uninterrupted time. Switch off all phones, computers, tablets, television, radio, and anything else that may disturb your concentration.

You'll need blank cards big enough so that you can see them from a distance. Now, write out all the beliefs you hold. One belief per card. Good, bad, ugly, dark, evil, everything! Beliefs you hold about yourself, your job, the world, your partner or spouse, your children, neighbours, organisations, money, the economy, everything that comes to mind.


Spread them out on a table or on the floor where you can see them. Now, take a few moments and look at them. What do you see?

Try to look at them objectively from a third person perspective. What picture do they paint? What images come to mind? What kind of person do they reflect? Do they reflect someone who is Happy, Content, Healthy, Wealthy, Purposeful, Prosperous, Involved in Community? Or do they portray something else? And if so, what? Be honest with yourself.

Now...Look at your life. Does your Life match your beliefs?

If you are honest, one of two things will have happened. You will recognise that your life directly matches your beliefs.


You are excusing and justifying why your life is the way it is. Because you are not paying attention to what Life is mirroring back to you! Your Core Beliefs!

During my personal journey, I have come to realize that I was lying to myself. I was asleep. Asleep to the deep subconscious Core beliefs that ran inside me. It wasn't intentional. I mean I had absolutely no idea. I had no idea what lay deep down inside my subconscious mind. I lived unconsciously. But Life consistently reflected things I didn't like. And after some time I started noticing a pattern. A pattern I didn't like. A pattern I excused time and time again. And no matter where I went, or who I was with it ran.

And that's when I was me.


After doing extensive research and self-inquiry, I understood that my deep Core Beliefs ran my life. And so do yours.

Don't believe me?

Look at your life! It doesn't Lie! Life gives you exactly what your Core Beliefs hold about you. Precisely! Your life mirrors your Core Beliefs! You may not be aware, in fact, chances are, you probably aren't, but the deep Core Beliefs you formed a long, long time ago and had forgotten, are perfectly running inside you, deciding what you will and will not experience.

They dictate your life.

You can paste whatever you like on top of them, but unless you reach and reset these Core Beliefs, nothing will change! Nothing!

For a long time, I strived for a life I imagined I wanted. I seriously tried hard, working diligently through vision boards and affirmations. But life gave me something else. It confused and frustrated me enormously. Until I awakened to my Core Beliefs. 

It was paramount.

Forgotten Core beliefs, held deeply within my subconscious decided everything in my life! Relationships, wealth, career, family, everything! They determined what I was worthy to receive. And based on the level of my worthiness, I attracted that equivalent in my life. The quality and level of relationships, amount of money, career, friendships, family, the lot!

Core Beliefs determined everything!

And if I tried to oppose them or paste some other view on top, a reset to their default position occurred, sabotaging me in the process.

Deep Core Beliefs have power...Enormous power. Collectively they hold stagnant energy in our body forming stuck emotions. Unresolved emotions hold us back from having full power and control over our lives. They can even be, and usually are, the reason for most illnesses. They need to be resolved, reset so that we may be free to operate holistically.


Freeing yourself from your Core Beliefs and stuck emotions is essential if you want to be free. It's not a one size fits all scenario, but an individual path of self-discovery. And different healing modalities have different results for every person. But one thing is for sure, you must seek.

And you must not STOP until your deep Core Beliefs are resolved.

Because unless they are, your life will keep hitting the ceiling. The ceiling that you formed through your Core Beliefs.

You are here to grow, evolve into the highest version of yourself. And that version is unknown. It is a space of possibilities.


Now that you know. What will you choose? Will you stay unconscious? Wait until Life hits you with a serious illness, a relationship breakup or a profound loss? Or will you make the time to uncover your Core Beliefs, discover who you are and live a life worth remembering?


It's up to you.

It always has been...

You just forgot.

- Sotir Ivanovski  

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