How To Improve The Google Rankings Of Your Blogs And Vlogs

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Today I wanted to help you to get YouTube working together with Google so that they rank your blogs and videos so much better! You see, the biggest search engine out there is Google but the second biggest search engine surprisingly is YouTube!

Google owns YouTube so when you can get the two working together you can then get ranked a lot better.  If you can give a properly captioned video to YouTube and a transcribed video made into a blog post to Google, then both spiders from the different engines can meet and do amazing things!

So… when you make your videos, you need to get the subtitles at the bottom of your screen.  You need these on your videos so that you know that YouTube understands what your video is about.  Sometimes it puts the wrong words in and then it doesn’t quite understand what it’s about.  This means YouTube doesn’t categorize it correctly and you get the wrong tags.  When you go through your subtitles get them right and then YouTube will rank it better!

YouTube also likes videos with the captions in them (it ranks them better than videos without them in).  The great thing is, you can download those captions and transcribe them into a blog (just like this one).  It’s a really nice way to put a blog together because it ends up with a conversational flow to it.  It’s exactly how you talk, so the blog comes out as if you’re talking to someone and so it reads really well! Also, a lot of the time when people put searches into Google sometimes videos come up because they’ve got the captions on and they know exactly that that those keywords are answering that question.

Also, a lot of the time when people put searches into Google sometimes videos come up because they’ve got the captions on and they know exactly that that those keywords are answering that question.

Some people prefer to watch videos,  some people prefer to read things so you’re catering for everybody.  But more importantly, you’re catering to Google as well! When you can get text into your videos that YouTube can then read the YouTube spiders love it! Then the Google Spiders can see the transcription there and they go whoa this is important!  Then they rank it all so much better!  It’s a great way of getting your material ranked really well.

I can show you how to do it, it’s a little bit fiddly and a little bit annoying (its best to watch the video for this though!;

  • go into your YouTube channel and find your video manager and then you’ll have all your videos come up 
  • set your language, I set it to English US because it will be more compatible with facebook
    Then click “English automatic” the gray button,  and then you will see what YouTube thinks you said!
  • If it heard you wrong, go to edit and then you can change anything you need to
    Hit publish edits
  • Then go back into the button that says “English”,  (not English Automatic) and go to actions and download the SRT file. You need this to be able to transcribe to take it takes all of the words off and make it into a blog.
  • save it to your computer notepad on a PC.
  • later you will also be able to then upload this onto facebook, because you do not want to be sharing your videos from YouTube onto your Facebook page. YouTube and Facebook do not like each other and YouTube will then down rank your YouTube videos!  Don’t do that! You want to upload your videos directly to Facebook and that is also how you get the videos to start playing automatically when you scroll through too. Then you can use this SRT file to then put your subtitles on to Facebook.  A lot of people like to watch videos but silently if they’re in a quiet place and they’ll just read what you’re saying and watch the video rather than putting the sound on.  It really makes a massive difference to how long your videos are watched for and whether they’re watched at all!
  • Copy from notepad and run it through this website ( ) and there you have it! A full blog post here now so you can now copy and paste that into your blog!
  • Put your video into your blog post because that’s a really nice thing to do anyway, and it gives double value
  • then paste that transcript underneath your video
  • make it a bit pretty, you might have to change a few things to make it a bit more readable
    definitely change the format as it’s just ugly
  • when you post it you can even use the same tags as your video and then you can then put it all together!

This will make Google go Wow! YouTube will go wow! And it will just boost your ranks!

I hope this really helps you and I wish you all the success with your vlogs and blogs!

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