Intellectual Dreams...Are You Having One?

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Are Your Dreams Just In Your Head And Nowhere Else?

My dreams were at best, philosophical. A hallucinated mental ideal of a life I wanted. I Dreamt, but could never get close to anything resembling it. Everything I learned about attaining goals I used as a tool to get myself out of where I was. Self-development courses, meditation techniques, energy healing, rewiring the mind.

As time went by and my dreams got further away, I became philosophical. I became the person who knew everything but didn’t live it. I talked with complete conviction, passion, and certainty, hinging on forcefulness. I wanted to escape my current reality so much that I clutched onto anything and everything that promised change. The change for a better, happier life, living my dreams.

I "knew everything" mentally but lacked it experientially. But I didn't know it! I was completely unaware! I genuinely believed that I was "doing" what was needed to achieve my dreams! Every time I learned something new I would get excited. Passionately philosophising about it to anyone I came across.

I genuinely wanted to share and help others. But every time I did, I felt resistance. People pulled back, sensing the lack of integration within me. It felt gruelling, tedious and very difficult to deal with at the time. Fuelling my frustration and re affirming my LIMITED beliefs!

I kept at it though, with even more determination. Reading more. Learning more. Researching. Studying. One night, during one of my searches, I came across a video by Gary Vaynerchuk. In the video, Gary explained the misconception people had around his so-called "overnight success." With raw passion, he clarified just how hard his road to success was, working from the age of 14, sharing his unseen fifteen hour days way before anyone ever knew of him.

So what does this have to do with anything!

Well, a couple of things. You see while listening to Gary’s marketing success story something stirred within me. The realisation where my focus was. It wasn’t just because of Gary’s video that the realisation came. It just happened to coincide at that precise moment.

My focus was on escape.


I lived in denial. A self-lie I taught myself somewhere along my life.

I realised that this was how I had learned to cope since I was a child. An unconscious way of dealing with life-based on what was going on around me. It helped me to cope with whatever I was going through at the time.

It was a pattern of behaviour. And this was my awakening to this pattern. My pattern centred around moving away from. Escaping! Focusing on escaping meant that my focus was not on my Dreams! And life simply reinforced escaping!

I couldn’t believe how simple this was. I finally experienced the meaning of "Where your focus goes, that’s where energy flows!" This certainly explained what my life reinforced.

Our focus is run by deep subconscious patterns we set early on in life. Which often go unnoticed, keeping us where we are at.

If you're Not living the life you talk about, Stop! And look at what life is mirroring back to you. If you can't see it, get help! Because chances are you are either aiming for something that is NOT YOU or you are simply entertaining the Philosophical "IDEA" of a dream.

You are Intellectualizing! A dream you're having in your head and nowhere else.

If we want to Live our Dreams then we have to be real. We have to acknowledge the truth of where we truly are! Because if we don’t, then chances are that we will not be OPEN to what we need right now to move forward.

Once we truly know where we are inside ourselves, then we can systematically work to where we want to go. There are Systems, People, Coaches, Institutions, Mentors that have been there before us, who can help us along the way.

Blind spots are inside all of us. We all have them. They are often the very things that keep us from our Dreams.


I believe Success is Simple. It is when we are completely aligned with WHO we really are, and EXPRESS that in the world. If you are not aligned with who you truly are and expressing that in the world, then chances are that you are not seeing something about yourself.

Getting through our own Limited Constructs is the journey we must undertake if we want to Live our Dreams.


- Sotir Ivanovski  

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