Karma and Success

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It sometimes appears that leading business men and women are ruthless. In fact, in most cases what appears as ruthless is in fact a manifestation of their focus – the single-minded drive to achieve the goals/desires that they set their minds to, probably every morning when they get up.

The same is true of achievers in the field of politics or even the arts. I am not talking about all the politicians, artists and business men we know, even those who may be considered successful. The real high achievers over the decades. Henry Ford, Einstein, Warren Buffett Ghandi – Mick Jagger. You get the drift. There is a stubborness in the self determination that could be interpreted as Ruthless.

So, what’s this got to do with Karma? Well, simply put, if these super achievers where ruthless in a way that damaged those around them with intent then by the laws of nature – Karma – then it would come back on them and they would have undoubtedly NOT achieved the levels of success that they have. 

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There is a pattern to the lives of this kind of super achiever.  Any cursory look at what we know of them throws up similarities in their routine which cannot be ignored. It becomes even more interesting when you see some of the contemporary figures like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington or Warren Buffett.  We know much more about the lives of these men and women now with all the access to media that, interestingly,  they bring to us.

The routine includes 'giving back' as much as early rising , writing lists, keeping physically healthy and all of the other habits that got them to where they are and keep them there.

In all of these ways they balance their Karma - whether they articulate it that way or not.

Karma won't guarantee success, but living life well is good practice and that might.

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