Life Purpose or Happy?

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Your life Has A purpose, but without the grounding of happiness, you will burnout!

What do you think of when you think of Life Purpose? Happiness? Contentment? Satisfaction? Wealth? An end to a life long search? I certainly believed that. In fact, I even went to the level of believing that all my problems would be solved. I wanted it bad. So bad. I truly believed it was the missing piece in my life. The answer to my life problems.


After a manic two-decade search, I came crashing down...And it took me a good year to recover. The western belief that we are special, have a Purpose and are here to live that in the world was unconsciously embedded in my psyche. So deep that I wasn't even aware. Like most things that whirl around in society, we don't really notice.

I didn't.

It wasn't until I began listening to a wise soul that I gained clarity. A clearer perspective on things and what truly mattered in the world first and foremost. I realised that even though I may uncover my Life Purpose, I may not necessarily be happy. My realisation didn't require proof but it came anyway.

You see Well Being is your primary purpose. And I'm not talking about the watered down Western version of dieting and doing an F45 class. I'm talking about Well Being where you are content and happy no matter what. No matter if you are alone. Have the job of your dreams. The perfect partner or house. Regardless of whether the economy is booming or not. You have the money or not. Whether you are Living your Life Purpose or not.

No matter what, you are Happy. You are well in your mind and body. You operate from a centered content place within you. You are positioned in an unshakable place of happiness inside yourself. A free mind from which you operate. And a body that reflects that. A mind that does what you want it to. A mind that cooperates. A mind that promotes ecstatic thoughts and feelings. A mind that makes us feel great!

A state where your body feels supple and strong to the core, free to do anything you want it to. A body that sings and bursts with exuberance. A body that doesn't require your attention and time. A body that is free from aches and pains, ill health or disease.

"Yeah, but"
"You're Dreaming!"
"That's not possible."
"That's not reality!"

Really? When did we accept these truths? When? Do you even know?

Living our Life purpose has positioned itself at the forefront of our focus just like our need to have the latest, new beaut SUV. It's Western Philosophy, plucking pieces from the whole, selecting only what it wants and disregarding the rest.

The meaning of Life Purpose in Western Culture is incomplete. 


Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Prince, certainly lived their purpose. Didn't they?

Their talent was undeniable. Their voices and musical contribution gifted the world touching millions.

Just about everyone on the planet tapped along, danced or grooved to their music.

I know I did. Many times in fact.

But their tragic ending undeniably confirms that Living your Purpose Is not the primary objective here on earth.

You could be Living your Purpose and be miserable. Completely alone and depressed.

No one teaches us these things, like most important things we have to find out ourselves.

I'm not against the idea of a Life Purpose, where you live out and contribute to the world from the core of who you truly are.

I just know that we desperately need to know what that core is first and foremost.

We need to know ourselves. Our true selves. Not the intellectual idea of self. The fad or belief that society portrays.

But know.

Once we know, what we love naturally emerges. It becomes our natural expression. It has to.


It may become our Life Purpose but it doesn't necessarily have to.

When you operate from a happy and peaceful place within you isn't everything meaningful? Isn't everything ok?

The media tells us what we need in order to be happy.

A Smart T.V, voice recognition Nat-Sav car, the latest I Phone, I Pad or designer clothes worn by the hottest Hollywood Stars.

Striving for the latest, trying desperately to fit in, we adopt a hierarchy of values that keep us on a treadmill going nowhere.

We need to follow our own path. 

And our Well Being is the start of that path.


Well Being rooted from our true selves, emanating like a fountain out into the world.

This is Well Being.

And this is where we need to live our lives from.

Your purpose may arise. In fact, it most likely will.

And when it does, you will be able to enjoy it.

And so will the world. 

 - Sotir Ivanovski  

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