Success, What is It To You?

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What Is Success To You?

undefined    Online Business and Marketing Coach, Nick Struan

Success is so elusive, sometimes you think you got it and puff its gone again.

One of the hardest thing to do, is to determine what you want for your life, right? Almost everyone struggles with this thought from time to time. What is success to you and have you achieved your dreams and goals and if not ,then why?

How do you know when you have achieve it? Are you supposed to be super happy everyday and be singing in the rain?

What and How do we determine when we have reached this golden dream. Is it when we have the big house and the fancy car in the driveway or is it the birth of your perfect baby? Maybe it the trip to Europe or Asia or maybe the fact that you have a great relationship?

The answer lies in contentment, being content and feeling good about your life is the ultimate success gauge to know if your are living the way that really makes you happy.

Does that mean you must stay happy about everything? No, the concept of happy discontent plays an important role here. You may still be very happy with your life, but have different projects your are working on to improve certain skills or habits.


Are you familiar with Maslow theory?  Anyhow, Maslow is famous for determining a hieraki of needs that every person has, starting for our very simplistic basis need like , Food, Shelter, Safety, Love and Affection. After this we get to look at feeling content, by feeling important, respected or even admired.

Attitude of course plays a major role in how succesfully we choose to see the world,our life and the role we play within it? To summerise, maybe we can agree on just three important factors that we need in order that we feel content, these are Health, Wealth and lifestyle. 

Here is a very visable example about your life in general, How round is your wheel?

If you wheel is like the one in the centre, do not be surprised if you life is a little bouncy.


So , You need consistently good health, and a lifestyle that you really like, spending time doing what you want, when you want and with whom you like and of course the finance (Wealth) to pay for it all preferably with a passive income (Time and Money) 

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