The Art Of Creating...

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I thought I was creating. But now looking back, I know that I was only copying...

My musical journey started when I was eleven. And from the beginning, I somehow believed that I needed to learn and play what was popular. With time, dedication and talent I managed to replicate tunes with the feel and expression to that of original pieces.

I felt proud. My father beamed. And people danced away with complete enthusiasm and passion while I performed. I became arrogant. Musically speaking, I believed I knew my stuff. That was until I came across a former guitarist, turned composer, who introduced me to Digital Audio Workstations.

It changed everything.

It was during this time I realised I knew nothing. Nothing about Creating. What I discovered was, that up until that point I was merely a talented copy artist. Creating something, anything challenges you.

You are bringing something that doesn't exist into existence. You have no reference. No benchmark. And you don't know what you are doing. Only inspiration and intention are by your side as you step out into the void.

Creating is Brilliance. And for me qualifies as Genius! You are doing what no one has done before. You are filling a blank canvas...


Luckily for me, I was in a progressive band with two very willing, open and musically intuitive band members. We mostly created original pieces. At the time I had no idea what I was doing, but through the encouragement and support of the band members, I began to make things up. And this was the beginning of my creative journey.

Very simple chord progressions played in particular timing, and from that, we added words, and they became songs. Slowly, I let myself go. My fingers started reaching outside their comfort zone and into unknown notes, chords, and runs. I used my senses as tools. Listening and feeling became very important. If it sounded good and felt right, I continued. I also learned that failing was imperative to the process.

Willing to try and fail was way more beneficial than self-berating, judgment, and criticism. Failure, I discovered, was the void. The unknown space that makes you vulnerable. And vulnerable meant you had no preconceived ideas. Your cup is empty. Willing to fail meant I was ready to try. Try things outside of my comfort zone. Try things that were not natural to me.

Learning to create made me humble. It made me appreciate all the hits and classics.

My appreciation for artists heightened.

I recognized the hard work that went into their work, because of the enormous amount of effort I put into mine. I also realised that anyone could create.

It doesn't need to be a masterpiece to be a fulfilling creation, and it doesn't need to stop or end with music. It can be anything.


There is no right and wrong, only progression. Progression and development of your abilities, Creating is an empty canvass, where anything goes. The wrong note or stray ideas often leading to brilliance.

Opening yourself up to possibilities is where the magic happens. You end up surprising yourself. You discover abilities you never knew you had, and slowly over time, you begin to understand that perhaps there isn't a ceiling, after all, only endless possibilities.

Parroting is great. In fact, it gave me many beautiful memories and skills. But the jewel is in creating. It is a jewel because it becomes an experiential journey of self-discovery. A self-discovery of spaces you have never experienced before.

Brilliant creations move people. They inspire. They can create shifts. It is a force in motion. People often believe that creating is beyond them, even though they do it anyway. They believe you need a degree, skills, or a talent to be an artist. But the fact is you don't.

You're already an artist. You just need to give it space, some love and the time to allow it to come forward.

Creating is bringing through the unmanifested into the manifested. It is where the impossible becomes the possible.

Remember that a long time ago the only thing that ever existed was earth. There were no houses, tools, cars, forks, spoons, plates, cupboards, tv's, internet, musical instruments, languages, suits, chairs, lounges, airplanes, screws, nuts, bolts, power tools, dresses, makeup, articles, laptops, I pads...Nothing!

Everything we see has been created!

But the question is...WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CREATE? Art? Music? A written piece? A certain Lifestyle? A loving partner? A Holiday? New Friendship?


Because if you look around, you will see there are no limits. Only possibilities.

So...Let's stop the excuses, justifications, and reasoning why we can't create what we want. Because the truth is, you can.


You just need to begin. And just keep going. Your focus and immersion in the process will be all you need to do. Because through it, student and teacher will appear and eventually merge.

And I promise you that if you don't stop, you will run into magic.

- Sotir Ivanovski  

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