What are you so afraid of?

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What are you so afraid of?

As time progresses, we develop new desires, goals, and fears. This is basic human nature; however, it is not part of human nature to develop fears… We acquire them… So, I ask you the following question what are you so afraid of?

If the answer is ‘fear of failure’ you must understand that the automatic response of the limbic part of your brain is to ‘avoid things that cause you distress and discomfort’, the good news is that this can be conditioned for you to become as fearless and adventurous as possible. One way of doing so is by using a strange little secret to your advantage, click here to read all about it.

As cognitive advanced creatures, we are capable of learning and acquiring any believes, fears or desires in our environment. This is part of our nature, the acquiring of any of them just depends on how congruent they are with our current believes, fears and desires. Let me ask you this, are you afraid of poisonous snakes? If the answer is yes, let me ask you another question, have you ever seen one? If you answered yes or no, allow me to ask you another question, have you ever been bitten by one? Most people like myself, have never seen nor been bitten by one but we are still afraid of them. The interesting question is why? Giving the fact that I have never had not even a close encounter with a snake, my automatic response to poisonous is to get the hell away from them. Without going to deep in the topic of fear and psychology, the answer is that we, may have seen one on TV, heard or seen that they are dangerous from a young age, how we acquired such a response to poisonous snakes is irrelevant in this instant, but the fact that we acquired such a strong fear. This is no different to the fear of failure, this is a fear that does not belong to us, and the same applies to most your fears. What I want you to realise and think about right now is, how many believes and fears are yours and not acquired through your social circle, things you heard, things you saw? Not as easy as it may sound, we may never know how we acquired some fears and believes, whilst the acquiring of others seems more obvious.

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Now that you know and understand a little bit more your fears, I just want to ask you a final question. Think of your dream, the one thing you want to achieve, for a second ignore all your insecurities and limitations, and just think of your goal, if you had 1 year to live and guaranteed success what goal would you pursue?  It doesn’t matter what it is, it may be to quit your job and finally start a business, turn into a world class athlete, become a singer, a speaker, or a model. Whatever it is, I want you now to come back to reality and think of if you were to go after your dream goal, what’s the worst things that could happen? Be completely honest with yourself, would you go bankrupt, would you be unhappy, would you be afraid, would you fear what people thought of you, think of everything that is holding you from going after your dream. Finished? Good what you have just done, is facing your fears… Most people are scared to confront their fears. Don’t run from your fears, confront them now here comes the hard part, the part that requires courage and self believe, find what you want and go after it for the rest of your life.

It still baffles me how most people spend more time working in their job than working in themselves. As a national athlete, I encourage to dominate every aspect of yourself, your thinking, your health, your relationships, and your alignment with your path. Dominating any of this is not easy but working every day at them, you will be better version of you as time passes. More importantly I encourage you to create a lifestyle that gives you the freedom to work on yourself whilst being aligned with yourself. This is how I do it. Some are calling it the Laptop Lifestyle others the digital lifestyle, all you have to know is that it is like nothing you have seen here in digital bloggers, click here to find out what it is.

Stay Focused.

Efrain Herrera




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