A passionate lifestyle

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Tony Robbins always ends with "Live with passion". It may seem like a cliche but the more you think of it the more sense it makes. Below a great speech with Steve Jobs on the same subject. In fact all who ever accomplished something magnificent have lived a passionate lifestyle

I´ve always strived for improvement and as I did the further from passion I got. Besides a traditional job, I got involved in different projects and at one point this was my reality:

  • Worked traditional job
  • Owned a construction company
  • Network marketer in an MLM company

Dont get me wrong I lived a decent life. But it came with a price. I worked long hours, I didn´t see my family as much as I wanted and when I did have time for them I was exhausted. What was even worse is that I´ve lost my motivation. I hated to get out of bed in mornings and it was a constant struggle to be productive. I was far from a passionate lifestyle

One day when everything seemed to go wrong I started thinking "There has got to be more to life than this" and I started to search for opportunities. Through youtube I found a video with Stuart Ross that caught my attention - not so much for what he said but how he said it. Could this be the way to create a passionate lifestyle?

The more information I received from Stuart and his company - SFM the clearer it become. 

This could be it turned into This is it!

Eager to learn, explore and determined to succeed I studied the training provided and I realized - I had regained my PASSION. 

If you can relate to this or if you want to find out what in Stuarts message that caught my attention. Click the link below. 

A passionate lifestyle

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