Alidropship Custom Store Package - review

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Alidropship Custom Store Package

Alidropship plugin is one of the best tools to create your online store. It is also the cheapest app on the market among drop shippers apps, because there are no subscriptions in it, i. e. monthly costs. The price of this plugin is always one time only and for life.

However, from the analysis of my clients, we concluded that the time spent on building a shop does not pay for itself. Unless you're really in the business of building websites, however, each of them would convert this lost time into a ready-made website, fully adapted to your needs, created in 1-3 days.


But from the beginning. . .

Alidropship plugin is a great invention that connects your website with one of the largest Aliexpress stores in the world. Because the prices are so low and often there are no shipping costs, you can make a profit of up to 2000%. The plugin imports your chosen products into your shop; you give them a better name and price. If your cat then buys something through your website, the plugin automatically orders the product on the Aliexpress and sends it to the customer.

So you don't have to sit around and wait 24 hours a day for an order. Everything is done automatically. You get paid practically when you're asleep.

The problem starts when you build a shop and search for the best selling products. It's not difficult; it's time-consuming. Because that lost time you could have spent on marketing, that's the right thing to do.

Luckily. . .

Alidropship had a better idea. And now the Supreme Custom Store Package is created. That's all in one custom Store made for you!

This include:

  • All features of other Custom Stores packages;
  • Platinum hosting;
  • Lead generation system: all the lead generation forms across the store will be thoroughly set up to guarantee  seamless communication with customers and the success of marketing campaigns;
  • Abandoned cart recovery: a useful tool to get back clients and return almost lost orders by sending automatic emails;
  • Promo banners: a handy tool to add beautifully crafted banners to the store to notify clients about the hot deals and the latest news;
  • Customer reviews page: this solution allows creating a stylish dedicated page with all product reviews to boost the trust level of the store;
  • 3-in-1 sales booster: an all-in-one tool to motivate people to buy by forming the sense of urgency with a cart timer, social proof, and trust badges;
  • 500 ready to sell products;
  • Social media posts: 30 posts per 1 account;
  • Ready ads for Facebook & Instagram: 10 ads;
  • Promo emails setup: 4 emails;
  • 150 Top quality SEO backlinks;


Amazing! Isn't it?

To read more about this exclusive offer, click here.


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