Amazing Distances

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In my role as a professional golf coach and player, I’m lucky enough to witness hundreds of shots every single day. Above all else, the enjoyment comes from the excitement of the player as they hit the sweet spot and the ball travels a long distance. Accompanying the sound, the player instantly knows when they hit it perfectly and it leaves feelings of satisfaction and pride.

At first, you might be wondering where I’m going with this but there is a definite link between swinging at a golf ball and building an online business. To start the swing, it requires pre-shot routine, and then the action; with the right impact and connection, the business launches in a certain direction (the direction you choose at the outset). As time goes on, the ball travels some distance in order to reach your desired targets.

Action – When starting a business, action is perhaps the toughest step of all so it is normal to feel nervous and perhaps even apprehensive. At the beginning, mistakes are inevitable but, as long as you learn each and every time, you continue progressing. It’s similar to first-tee nerves, learn to control your nerves and you can commit to your action!

Impact and Launch – After launch, the impact will be felt right across the board from your confidence to your pride. Every day, you work hard on building the brand and making progress. During the launch phase, you start advertising and welcome your product or service to the world. If successful, your brand name is on the lips of thousands or even millions.

Direction – Early on, you need to decide on your direction and this should be clear within your plan. As well as knowing what your business is about, you should know who your audience is, what they do for a living, and where they are located. Are they hanging around the tee-ing ground watching you tee-off? Are they glancing from down the fairway watching the ball bounce by? Or, glassing over the putting green waiting for the ball to roll in the hole?

What are your goals one year from now? Where should you be ten years from now? How do your personal goals tie in with your business?

Distance – As soon as these foundations are in place, you have the leverage to get distance on your shots which means longevity in business. Over time, this will lead to freedom and even more progression.

Targets – If all of the previous sections are aligned, you have the very best chance of hitting your targets. Of course, this will allow you to gain financial independence and give you free time to practice your swing and keep learning. In your personal life, you should have more time for family and friends, travel, hobbies, charity, study, you name it!

Suddenly, you become your own boss and YOU decide when the next holiday will be. As long as you have an internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world, this feeling is liberating to say the least, so get out there and make it happen!

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