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Being an entrepreneur is back in fashion. Statistics show the percentage of entrepreneurs who are Baby Boomer starting a business since 1996 has doubled and Boomers between the ages of 55 and 64 have had a higher rate of entrepreneurial activity than Gen-Y. 
People usually relate entrepreneurship to freedom and money, and that tends to be the truth. But not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur. There are people who simply wouldn’t manage it and are frankly happier to work for somebody else. And if you are figuring out if you are born to be your own boss, it might be helpful to read these features before deciding to quit your job.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur already, you most probably embody some or most of these features. In this case, please, leave a comment. It will be interesting to know which are the ones.
Here we go. I´ve been studying this subject for years and according to my modest perception, these are the key characteristics:
  1. Rebel: You have never been happy within a normal company hierarchy, it feels like a tight shirt on you. You are always looking for new ways to express yourself. Sometimes it's the inner feeling that there exists something better out there and you deserve it.
  2. The ability to think: You are very often smarter than your manager, always thinking about how to improve the processes in your company even if no one offered to pay you for doing so.
  3. Innate curiosity: You are always studying something, learning and improving. Most probably you have been a kid who asked lots of questions. 
  4. Creative: Your imagination runs high, you can create solutions out of a scratch, you can grasp an opportunity where most people see only thin air. 
  5. Implementor: You love putting into practice what you have learned, implement new strategies or experiment with anything that you have come across and has gotten your attention.
  6. Risk taker: This is a must for any entrepreneur, once you have realized that there is nothing stable and everything is changing you are ready to take risks.
  7. Stamina: The ability to keep going in the face of hardship, something more: you like challenges which you easily transform into fuel for your success.
  8. Initiative: An entrepreneur mind is always awake looking for new opportunities. You are always looking for new ways of doing old things. Having initiative is a byproduct of undertaking responsibility.
  9. Negotiator: You do not like to be told what is the price, you are the one who fixes it. Optimizing the resources or the conditions of a deal is in the heart of every businessman or businesswoman.
  10. Visionary: Gifted with a view of the big picture you can see how things will develop in future. You are able to see a warehouse in ruins and imagine how it may look like and what steps have to be taken that will lead to the image in your mind. And this happens to you not only with things: an entrepreneur can see the potential in every person. 
  11. Decisive: You are quick at taking important decisions, though you can doubt on the little ones. 
  12. Psychologist: You tend to instinctively scan people, understand their mood and feelings, what moves them and also how you can make them feel better.
  13. Balanced: You are actively using both the right and the left hemispheres of your brain - reason and feelings are in balance. This feature is very important especially for the long run. 
  14. Passionate: You are never bored, you are always busy doing something and you cannot understand people who are not, they are spending their valuable time. You have dreams to fulfil!
  15. Looking for the greater good: Deep inside you know you have a mission. You didn´t come so far to leave this world without giving the gift of who you really are and how you are able to change this world, making it a better place.
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