Are You Confident Enough?

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Today marks the 2nd day of the 2nd month of 2018...!! Any Excitement??

  • So far where do you stand?
  •  How confident are you for this 2018?
  • Do you feel you have or are crossing over perfectly as you set your goals or are you still going through the motions of 2017?
  • Is there any regrets or mistake that you feel will affect your progress for the rest of the year or are you ready to wake up, get on your feet and move forward with motivations, conviction! And trusting that this is your year of progress, change and prosperity for the greater good?

Whatever state you are in right now all I can say is that you are not alone, and you don't have to feel alone. As a self-adviser/motivator, I always tell myself: never let past experiences determine where you will be place in life. Instead, you determine what part of your life each experience can be place. Put the negative ones at the back to help push you forward. Learn from them, build your confidents on them, keep the courage knowing that if you can survive from them you can survive anything that life may wish to bring you in time. You are stronger than you know because you are never alone. No matter how lonely you feel God is always close by as He promised never to leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5 to relate)

If you would ask me right now "how confident I am about 2018?' uhmmm, my answer will not be clear without me taking you on a 5-10mins tour of my life for just the last 4months of 2017. Well, I considered it my transition months. Having worked 5years with one of the biggest home improvement company of today (The Home Depot) and yet couldn't see a light of making at least $12/hr. ...Oh yes, I will repeat! I didn't get a shot at $12/hr. after fiver good years. Trust me, don't think I didn't love my job, I sure did!! and the people I worked with were so amazing that I didn't even realized why it took me that long before I could get my wake-up call. And just in case you are trying to think that I probably didn't push myself enough to get the paid I deserve here is my track record. I started as a cashier, got promoted as head cashier before the end of my 2nd year, left and went on to special services, got trained to work at the pro-desk, I covered out for a month as frontend supervisor as my supervisor went on vacation. I could cover up for any department in the store to the point I got an "All-Star" badge at the end of one of the years. That which set me up for a chance of becoming a department supervisor. I left the store level after 3years and then move on to the Merchandising Execution Team (MET-Team) where I spend my last two years before my wake-up call.

Well, just a bit of my activities as associate with Home Depot. With all that, there were days when I wished to be on vacation at all time or pray that every day was my day off.  But anyways, as you go along with me on this journey you will later learn how I got my wakeup call but for now let me tell you how I feel about this 2018!!

After getting my wakeup call I left home depot without finding a replacement of a full-time job, believing that was the only way I would push myself in searching for a change and not backing down when I find it. I thought leaving my family for four months ever in my life and going for Basic Combat Training was my hardest decision ever made. But trust me, being without source of income is a source of depression all by itself in the great USA. After leaving my full-time job within 2months I completed 6weeks of Nurse Aide training, took the VA state board exam and pass to get my license because as we all know... "getting job in the health field should be easy" Smh!! Well, maybe true but for me it was easy to do 5-6interviews in less than two weeks just to be told that due to the yearend auditing, many will be call after the holiday. I went back and forth looking for job and the few that seem possible for me to start right away were out of reach the fact that I had just lost my car and didn't have means to obtain long distance job now. Lol, for the loss of my car, it's a blog post all by itself, just keep with me on this new journey. From August 2017-December 2017...all my bills were past due. My phone company suspended my phone three different times in one month!! hahaha #Life

Being the optimistic soul that I am, I told myself that it was all part of the transformation for change and I had no reason to let it break me down. So instead of me sitting to cry myself down I decided to go to YouTube for some motivation. I spent my days home watch motivational speeches until the 12/28/2017. This date I will forever remember for the rest of my life. Early Dec 28,2017 while on YouTube watching my morning motivation speech by Denzel Washington, this YouTube ad came on with Dan Holloway which ended with him talking about a free seven days video series that was given to him by a couple that change his life and he was now passing it on as it was given to him. Well it wasn't a mistake that I hesitated to skip that ad because it has change my life within less than five-weeks as well.

Tell me if I have no reason to feel confident about 2018. From that ad, I have learned so much about how important it is to invest in yourself. I now know the value it gives me spending selfish time learning new things, skills and strategies that will empower me to become a leader that will inspire others to take paths which can change their lives for the better. From the 28th of December to Feb 2nd, I have spent time learning how to become an affiliate marker with the hope of building my own brand in the nearby future as a digital Entrepreneur. As you can see...I am already a digital blogger. This is my very first blog following my training. I look forward to making use of every resources provided to me by this my newly found community that is fill with so much support, mentorship, encouragement, and empowerment as I move forward with all the confidence that will make me succeed this 2018. 

For now let me highly appreciate you taking out the time to read my post. It means a lot to me and please feel free to leave a comment, share with friends or do anything that will let me know you stop by for me to fother extend my gratitude.

Just then, i will leave you with these few words.

Never let negative experiences in life determine the successful advancement towards the future. Build yourself up... take a step each day that will get you from where you were the days before closer to where you will need to be.

Thanks for Reading


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