Are You Kidding Me?

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I'm not sure if this is a blog or more of a rant. But if you tell me you are happy with your job, especially if it a corporate America job, I'll be forced to ask; Are you kidding me?

Is It A Job or Is It Slavery

The first thing you should know is that your hourly job pays you one third of the value of the position. ONE THIRD! That is to say, if you are being paid $11.00 an hour, the real cost to the company is actually $33.00 an hour. This is what you are really worth financially. Then on top of that, the supervisors are telling the workers, who are pumping out this labor to work faster. Are you kidding me?

Now, if the supervisors aren't satisfied with the sweat being poured out toward the end of the day, they go around the working class asking if anyone wants to put in more hours. What! You mean the company hasn't made enough off the sweat being dripped to the floor yet? Now they want more.

I dare any of you who work hourly labor jobs to take a break for only a few seconds on the floor to slow your heartbeat. Watch how fast someone rushes up to you telling you that breaks are for ten minutes at a specific time. Then demand you get working. 

Watch What Happens at Breaktime

Look around to see if anyone from management isn't breezing past the breakroom during the course of the day. They are checking to see who is sloughing. Who is taking an extra thirty seconds or minute on their break. You think I'm kidding? Watch how long that person is in the personnel inventory after being caught a couple times. All for the sake of the bottom line. "Somebody" isn't getting their every last penny's worth out of the laborer. 

Of course the supervisors are nice to the workers as they request their demands. If they want cooperation, they had better be. And they know it. But sit in one of their meetings behind closed doors while discussing the roster. Different story. Been there, heard that.

And how the supervisors hate it when they call you on your day off so they can ask if you are willing to come in--and you don't pick up. Are you kidding me?

Is Corporate America The Answer

If you want a slave nation, then work for Coporate America. They are here to enslave the workers without dreams. But if you want to lead your own life, call your own shots, why would you want to work for those people? 

I don't care if you have a position that pays $250,000.00 a year. You are still worth three times that. Furthermore, if you do have a position that pays that, you are one who wants more out of life. You are the dreamer I am looking for. 

Chances are, you are working sixty to eighty hours a week. Hardly see your family except on weekends and your vacation times you so richly deserve. And I bet you still pull out that computer and do work from home. How can you be happy working like that? 

Would you not prefer grabbing your laptop, head for the vacation spot in the world you've been thinking about and do maybe five hours of work a week and soak up the atmosphere for the rest of the week? AND Enjoy your family!

Let the kids run wild on the tropical beaches. Let them get lost at Disney World for a few hours (if they are teenagers). Watch the beaming smiles of the little ones as they find Mikey and Minney. Feel how happy you'll feel when they run to these two "rich rats" and hug them. 

How Are You Going To Make That Happen?

If this resinates with you. Any of this resinates with you. Click the banner below. You will be sent a series of videos that show you what we are doing to put us into a position so we call our own shots. We live life on our own terms. We don't answer to a supervisor or anyone else. Why? Because we are our own boss. We write our own checks. We decide when we go on vacations ... without anyone else's permission.

Nobody in this country has to work under someone else's thumb. At least we don't if we have a dream large enough to keep us striving towards freedom. 

It costs you nothing to watch these videos. You have nothing to lose and a bunch to learn. But that decision is up to you. I hope to see you on the other side.

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