Are You Letting Your Facebook Groups Sit As Dormant Goldmines?

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You're probably a member of 1000's of different groups on the old book of faces. Groups that you never check, and are likely filled with people trying to do exactly what you are, so what's the point eh? The thing is, they're also where your tribe are! They are full of people who need what you have, so are you letting your Facebook groups sit as dormant goldmines? 

It can be really overwhelming to keep track of groups. The biggest reason people just like you shy away from them is simply that they don't have the time to trawl through them all - you'd never do anything else right? So the best thing that you can do to start leveraging your groups - leave them. Yep, that's right - get the frick outta there! Stay with me... I'm not crazy (ish). Leave the majority of them; take that list from 1000, down to 2-3 tops. 2-3 sounds much more manageable already doesn't it? But before you go on that deleting spree; read through these top tips, and make an educated choice about where you should stay. 

1) What's your niche? That's the only question you need to ask when deciding which Facebook groups to be a part of. Then pick 2-3 of the most active groups within that niche to stay in. The biggest problem we face online is we market to our peers, not our clients! Your peers are all trying to do what you do - support each other yes; but don't spend half your day interacting in groups of people who you KNOW aren't going to need your products or services. That's how you get busy as opposed to productive. 

2) Add value. Ok, so now you've got your manageable list of groups. Decide how much time you can commit to each one, each day. It only has to be 10 minutes in each one - phew! I can hear the overhwelm melting away :) For the first 1-2 weeks of being an active participant; do not try to sell anything! Remember, customers want to feel like they have a relationship with you. So just read through the posts and comment on the ones you feel you have something worthwhile to contribute. Build a reputation in the group as someone who's friendly, and who helps. 

3) Introduce your product. Once you've started building connections and people know who you are; then you can start to introduce what you do. But don't blast in all salesy and take away that reputation you've built. SHOW them you have the answers to their problems. Create a post that says; hey, I've been listening to you, and I feel you, and I think I have what you need. It's not a sales pitch, it's another way to start a conversation and provide value. 

4) Keep yourself visible. This is my favourite tip. And if you're not doing it already, you'll wonder why you haven't been! It's genius. If your groups have a large number of members, the last thing you want is for your posts to get lost. So, when someone comments on one of yours. Wait. Don't respond. Now I know the customer service queen in you is screaming "WHAT??". I hear ya. Here's the trick though - if you reply straight way, you speed up the conversation, and as it ends, there goes your post down the bottom of the feed. So wait, at least 4-5 hours. Because then when you respond - Ta daaaa, your post gets boosted back to top to await fresh eyes and more potential clients! 

I hope you've enjoyed these simple tips of leveraging your Facebook groups to get more clients. I'd love to hear what you think and if you've any to add to the list; let me know in the comments below. 

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