Does Artificial Intelligence scare you?


Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) here to stay?

 Does Artificial Intelligence scare you?  - Robot manWhat are your thoughts about Artificial Intelligence?
I consider myself pretty well-updated when it comes to technology. I would say that I know quite a lot about having a business online, digital systems and the benefits of doing all kinds of content marketing for lead generation. But, the other day, I really got something to think about it. Am I really that well updated?

Are you "in" or are you "out"?

I was listening to Jay Kubassek, the co-founder of the Digital Experts Academy, who was talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the rapid increase of progress that is happening all around us all the time. To be honest, it scared the living daylight out of me, so much that I felt sick to my stomach! Mr. Jay Kubassek talked about AI in our everyday life, here and now, computers that can do human tasks, eliminating people at workplaces as we speak!

When you think about it, we already have AI all around us!

Maybe you have heard about the IBM computer Watson, a computer that might be smarter than us humans? Or you may have a lawn mower robot in your backyard cutting your lawn. Maybe you order your food from a machine only to pick it up at the counter minutes later or you might use Siri on your smartphone in search for information!

Where will we go from here?

Is it long till machines make machines?
What will happen to humanity then?
What will you work with if a machine has taken your job?
What will be important in our society then?

Our society is now spoken of as an "Information Society" and machines can store so much more data than us humans, but even scarier is that some of us humans can store a lot of data, but, can we access it as quickly as the machines?
My answer is: “-No, definitely not”.
This tells me that we need to keep up to date with what is happening in the world around us in terms of the AI progress and how it will impact on our daily life and how we run our business. I believe that we have no choice but to start being more active with our business online to stay competitive. We need to give valuable information to our customers, they need to be able to find us online and create a human business relationship. If you aren’t “out there” you’re not “in” and you aren’t competitive.  

Honestly, I felt sick, nauseous!

 Does Artificial Intelligence scare you?  RobotAfter I had been listening for a while, feeling quite ill, it occurred to me.
I am exactly where I need to be! I have access to the tools that I need in my business to stay competitive online, right underneath my nose and accessible whenever and where ever I want.
I have a marketing education that allows me to keep up-to-date with the digital progress, a community that cares about other people’s success and a digital business system to use. It is about the tools available out there that will keep you competitive.

I'm not that scared anymore

It still scares me a little, I must admit, the progress of AI, and how quickly it is progressing. But I feel that I am in the right place to practice online marketing and helping others do the same. This makes me feel at least a little more at ease. Would you like to know more about and Education in Digital Marketing that is developed to help businesses become competitive online, securing your online marketing? Click on the banner below for your free trial in an online business system.

What are your thoughts about Artificial Intelligence?
How does this resonate with you? The changes that are happening all around us?

All the best,

Carina Asp | Marketing Coach
Marketing, Branding & Lead Generation 

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